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  • I did them with my last pregnancy (that ended in c/s) and I think it would be a good idea to do.  They were really great classes and had DD not been in distress I think I would have had the knowledge to get through the hard parts of delivery.  I felt like it was really good for DH and I to learn so much about what to expect in the delivery.  (We didn't pay much attention to all the nutrition stuff because I was puking constantly so I just ate whatever I could.)   

    I was really into DH being my labor coach, but unfortunately we had what sounds like a similar experience to you (he got overwhelmed with what to do, I couldn't tell him what I needed, etc) and so this time around I'm getting a doula.  I love my husband very much, but being a part of a delivery is not something that he's ever really wanted to do and he wasn't very good as a support person.  Having someone that knows about labor and loves it I think is the better option which is why I will have a doula along with DH to help.  


  • I think that really depends. I took Bradley for my first and had an unplanned c/s. DH was all prepared to be a coach. He asked all the right questions, but when it came down to it and things did not go according to plan he got overwhelmed and I was kinda screwed. I know my c/s was necessary, so I don't think it mattered much in the end what he did, but once he couldn't follow the Bradley script (is mom fine, is baby fine, then no thanks) he had no idea how to be supportive anymore.

    Our class outlined the evils of all interventions. (there was a side note that sure some are necessary, but not for OUR students, blah, blah, blah). I was really glad for all of the information. I do not regret taking the class. It really got DH involved in the pregnancy in a way that he wouldn't have been otherwise. But I do think that it focuses on assuming that interventions are for convenience and not on what to do if you really need one or more. 

    So, I guess it depends on why you had a c/s to begin with and if more patience and better coaching would have gotten you through it (was it the classic cascade of interventions) or was it really circumstances outside of your control. I also think it depends on how you feel about your experience and why you want a VBAC.  

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  • Thanks so much for that input, ladies!  It took us a while to decide, but I think we're passing on the classes.  We've gotten lots of the reading recommendations from friends and are excited to just do some of that together, and even pick one night a week we talk about some of that stuff, but we just don't use babysitters very often for our son (we have lots of family that can watch him, but not at our house over bedtime) so committing to 12 week so of that all of a sudden feels like a lot. 

     In the end, my c/s was also unavoidable due to face presentation (although I did just see Ina May has delivered babies like this) but I always if the induction contributed to it.  I've already learned a lot since then about ways to avoid induction, and will definitely keep focusing on that.  My sister has also offered to fill the doula role, which I think would be wonderful in taking some of the pressure off my husband and allow him to actually be more supportive with less stress.  She's had 4 natural births and will be able to ask the right questions, and push me or the doctors if necessary, while also providing some of the support I wanted.   


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