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Friday Fluff

What's on for the weekend?

Tell us about your look, and how, if at all, it reflects who you think you are.

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Re: Friday Fluff

  • Tonight:- Sweet nothing, looking forward to it!

    Saturday:- Waking up with no alarm, long walk, maybe BBQ with some friends.

    Sunday:- Not sure yet. 


    I dress fairly conservatively for work, but my normal look is deliberately scruffy look with mix of pearls and leather type accessories. Kind of tomboy-ish, but people are generally surprised when they find out I am gay. I wear make up every day and often wear heels.

    IUI #1 - 10 April 2012 unmonitored and unmedicated with RE 
    IUI #2 - 05 May 2012 unmonitored and unmedicated with RE 
    IUI #3 - 05 July 2012 unmonitored and unmedicated with RE 
    IUI #4 - 30 August 2012 medicated and monitoredLetrozole and Ovidrel Trigger 
    IUI #5 - 27 September 2012 Letrozole 
    BFP! 9 October 2012 Betas:- 12DPO 16; 16DPO 96; 18DPO 315

    Baby Alarico born on 28 June 2013!!

  • No plans for the weekend but need to prep house for MIL&FIL

    I ( J )  am pretty butch and often get called SIR. I dont mind. I generally wear shorts to the knee either black or camo and some type of band shirt or black shirt or some horror monster shirt . I am desperately in need of a new DO.  i do the faux hawk thing but I really want a pompadour but cant stand the grow out ( I just about get there and then something comes up and i have to cut my hair ) my hair is now very more salt than pepper and M last night informed me that even my neck hair is gray - just wish it was all or nothing I think I could kill the silver fox look ( i think ) and always got converse on my feet unless were going fancy in which case I have creepers.  I do have my toes polished tho.. but only black, navy or dark dark purple or silver.

    M when not at work in her Pj's ( joys of working from home ) she is just a regular run of the mill GIRLY GIRL  pretty Femme.  Red lips always ok burgundy sometimes and  Jeans and a shirt ( something rockabill-ish or bandish)  always with the make -up ( it takes forever for us to get out of the house for this reason) some type of strappy shoe if we are fancy- SH**T kickers if need or just cute sneakers or cons...No one ever suspects she is a LESBIAN makes her mad sometimes.   Oh and her hair is always changing color and shape.

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  • tonight: After A picks up Ky I am going out to some haunted house type things with some friends. Sat:

    Pick up Ky, go to tumbling, go to A's parents' house (awkward) to get my stuff from their basement. Clean/bake when I finally make it home! I want to make buckeyes!!

    Sun: A will pick up Ky at some point....then who knows what I will do with the rest of the day. Maybe organize the garage/basement or craft with all my goodies I am picking up on Saturday!

    I am a girly girl. Work requires business casual which means dress pants or skirt and some type of blouse/top/sweater. I live in flip flops during the summer or cute heeled sandals. I have the cutest heels for fall I cannot wait to break out! I have come to realize though if I am out doing a lot of walking it has to be sneakers but they are pink lol. Always have on make-up but hair is a crap shoot. If I have time I will straighten it (I always make time if I am going out to do this) otherwise it is half up or in a messy bun with cute pins. I always have some kind of jewellry on:ring, earrings, necklace. Toes MUST be painted at all times and I hate chipped polish. I file/buff my nails regularly and will often have them painted (but always to match the toes) but it comes off the moment there is a chip I cannot touch up! I have never been mistaken for a lesbian ever (unless I was with A). People asked me about my husband all of the time and I get hit on by men (now that I am sans wedding ring) on a regular basis. Kind of obnoxious.

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  • Tonight: Picking up the kids, taking them home and fixing a quick dinner and setting them up with a movie since L is home with flu, taking our consignment stuff to the sale and dropping it off, and then coming home to put the kids to bed.

    Tomorrow: Hopefully, L is feeling better so she can go write.  I need to take my car in to the shop and it is first come first serve and they open at 8am. Boo. Hopefully, it won't take too long and the kids will be fine playing their DS while we wait. Then I am taking them to my company picnic. None of my friends are going, but they have free food and lots of entertainment for the kids. Plus, it is supposed to be beautiful outside. I need to stop at The Container Store to see if they have the stuff for the kids' lunch in stock and then home for a bath and a movie with 2 tired kids.

    Sunday: No clue. I have Living Social tickets for a pumpkin patch, but I really do prefer doing those things when it is chilly. I need to run to Target. No idea what else.

    My style is a freaking joke. I have no style - partly because I don't care and partly because of my body shape and nothing fits me/looks good. most days I wear khakis in some color (beige, charcoal, black, or brown) with a colored t-shirt. Once it gets to be fall my staple is a white t-shirt with a Lands End cardigan over it. I think I have 12 of them in various colors. Once it gets to be winter, the cardigan is replaced with a fleece from LL Bean. Fashion maven, that is me.

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  • Tonight - Crock pot sloppy joes and just relaxing with each other after long weeks.

    Saturday - Working on the house, laundry and re-organizing the kitchen for the baby stuff people have given us.  Oh and College Football!

    Sunday -  NFL Sundays in our house! The one present each year that M gets is Sunday ticket so she always has plenty of games on.  I am sad as my jersey doesn't fit over my belly... M said she will get me a t-shirt later in the season when I get a bit bigger.

    Pre-pregnancy I would say I am very particular about my clothes.   Due to my build (I'm 5'3" all legs) I am too tall for petites but too short for regular plus I am tiny, I only shop at about 3 stores as I refuse to get my clothes tailored.  M makes fun of me but I just explain once I find a store that fits, well I stick with it.  Then again I am also the type of person to find a shirt I like and buy it in every color instead of finding another type of shirt.   I would say my clothing tells people I am very OCD which is very true.

    Due to the above statement, maternity clothes have sent me into a panic attack or two but then M steps in and can always find something for me and save the day!  I officially have 2 of the exact same pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of the exact same shorts, and 3 types of maternity shirts in about 4 different colors or patters each. 

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  • This weekend will be full of cleaning and cooking!  One of the local grocery stores has a buy one get one free promotion on their meat (YES!), so I stocked my freezer with all sorts of good stuff!  I'm super excited about putting a roast in the crock pot tomorrow!

    I don't really know if I have much of a style.  I'm pretty casual (jeans, t shirt/ hoodie, flip flops/ uggs).  However, I do have certain occasions that I feel like dressing up just because, but even then I'm still in jeans but a nice sweater, blouse or dressy tank.  Make up wise, I'm a lover of eye shadow, liner and mascara.  I always wear, at least, mascara.  I guess this makes me pretty predictable/ boring, lol.

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  • Tonight we are going to a benefit against the awful Marriage Ammendment on the ballot here in MN.  Should be fun, our friend is organizing it and there will be some big loacl sports stars there, so that's cool.  But it's really early, and VERY far away from when I work so I'm going to have to sneak out early.  We'll see how that goes.

    Tomorrow morning S works, then I will bike over to meet her and we'll head to the UofM Football Game (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our season tickets).  Should be a beautiful day!

    Sunday morning I have a massage.

    The rest of the time will, I'm sure, be filled with me stressing about all the things that I need to do to/around the house, but I won't actually get any of them done.  Probably in part because there is football on TV.

    Style ... Ugh, bad time for this question for me ...I usually do care quite a bit how I look, even if I'm not the best at putting together outfits, or the most adventurous.  But right now my typically pretty fit self has developed a "Pre bump" that is about 6" higher than it would be if it were actually baby.  This has left me feeling schlumpy and just plain fat, and I've found I'm not caring as much about what I put on because I think it doesn't look good anyway.  But I'll get back in the swing of things once I actually begin to show for real (at least I hope I will).  I tend to dress in a pretty feminine manner, but not anything outrageous or that would make me uncomfortable (3" is as high of a heel as I'll go unless it's a REALLY special event).  I guess that sums it up for what it says about me, I'm definitely who I am and it makes me uncomfortable to go out of my way to make a point.

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  • Another weekend of laying low for us.  My back is killing me and I've been in this recliner for three days because it's the only place I'm comfortable.

    Today I volunteered from 9-noon, went to the grocery store on the way home, came home and made lunch, and then we mostly hung out.  Went out to buy a freezer and pick up some stuff at Kmart.  Now I'm back in the recliner and C's cooking dinner.  Wild day!

    Tomorrow we'll do our usual meal planning/grocery shopping, and maybe go to the Museum of Science and Industry for a bit.  I'd also like to make mini pumpkin cheesecakes, but we'll see.

    My style sort of oscillates between pulled together low-maintenance and not so pulled together no-maintenance.  I'm happiest with my style when I have an easy routine I can stick to - minimalist but pretty makeup, easy to put together outfits, and some accessories.  My work is business casual, so I usually wear slacks and a blouse/sweater/top and flats.  In the summer I wear more dresses.  My look is feminine but not super-feminine.  Makeup is sunscreen, powder foundation, mascara, and lipstick.  Over the summer I really got out of my routine and was wearing mostly casual clothes, putting my hair into a bun every day, and wearing no makeup.  I just got my hair cut and got back into the makeup and outfit planning routine.  I definitely need to go shopping for fall/winter clothes - my current selection is a bit lacking.

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