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NBR: What are your favorite (easy) camping meals?

DH and I are going camping again this weekend with his family & friends. We've camped so much this summer that the meals are getting tiring (lol - first world problems much?!!).

So I was wondering if you ladies had any favorites you'd like to share? Pretty please? Big Smile

I think I might have to bring everything except the kitchen sink because my food aversions/tastes change pretty quickly!

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Re: NBR: What are your favorite (easy) camping meals?

  • I like to make chicken fajitas (sorry if chicken gives you the heaves...).  We bring our grill basket and cook the peppers and onions over the campfire while I cook up some chicken tenders on the grill side of our camp stove.  The veggies get the most delicious smoked/charred flavor - just be sure that you're burning only wood and no garbage of course!  Then I just throw it all in a pot with the season packet and the water/oil that goes with it.  So good.  Our friends we camp with request it every year now!  

    I sometimes make a batch of chili at home and bring that and just heat it up.

     If you are more of a "packet" cooker - I've found some good smoked turkey drumsticks at our local grocery and have made a hash with sweet potatoes, onions, and white potatoes and the meat from the drumsticks that I pull off the bones and shred.  Throw them over the campfire until the potatoes are cooked through and then serve with some bbq sauce over.   I'm a big fan of baked apples as a treat too - just core the apple and throw in butter, brown sugar, and some cinnamon.  So good.  

  • Oh - and I pinned this ages ago but I've never made any.  Some sound kinda good!


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  • we have the "hobo-pie-makers" and put pie filling in them for desert, but they are also good for "grilled cheese" or "grilled PB&J" - - we also do foil packs and stick them in the coals to cook with chicken/salmon/or beef and all sorts of veggies/spices...

    Parents had half a kitchen on the camper and we did a lot of ravioli, hot dogs, sausage, hamburgers, etc.

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  • mountain pie makers are useful for every meal: you can cook an egg, then make an awesome toasted egg sandwhich, pizza, hot ham and cheese, pie filling on buttered bread, put some ground beef in there and you have a square burger... don't cheap out on the mountain pie maker though, it has to be cast iron, those walmart one's warp and break way too easily.
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  • Banana boats! Keep the skin on the banana, cut it almost in half lengthwise, open it up a little bit and drop chocolate chips, marshmallows, butterscotch chips, cherries, anything in the bananas, then wrap them in foil and put them over the fire for a little bit to make everything warm and gooshy. Nom.

    Also, for some reason an orange with a peppermint stick heated over a fire (wrapped in foil, obviously) is really good. It seems gross, but it's delish.

    I'm kind of crazy for hot dogs, baked beans, s'mores, and the rest of the normal camping fare as well.

    It's a girl!
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  • For breakfast, we usually do breakfast burritos - just cook up some hash browns, sausage, and scrambled eggs. Then, have extra toppings like cheese, salsa, hot sauce, etc. Everyone can put what they want in it.

    I guess that would make a pretty good supper, too. Or do fajitas - that would be about the same difficulty.

    I also like to make meals with couscous while camping because it cooks up so easy. I've made a chicken & dried apricot tagine before, which was pretty simple (but I can't find the recipe right now! Sorry!)

    This looks kind of good to me, too:


    I love soup (I don't know if it's still to hot where you are for soup or not) and this one is really easy and hearty. Bring some crusty bread and you'd have a meal:


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  • These all sound delish!! Thank you thank you for all the great ideas I'll let you know how they turned out Wink

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  • I'm late to the party, but thought I'd add in anyway...

    Our easiest is steak, baked potates and corn on the cob.  You soak the corn in the cob in water (in the husk) for about 30 minutes, then wrap them all (still in the husk) in tin foil.  All potatoes are stuck a few times with a fork and also wrapped in tin foil.  The fire is made nice and hot, then brought down to all coals.  Move the coals to sit mostly under the grate that most campfires come with (at least at our sites).  Stick the corn and potatoes in the coals around the edge of the pit.  We clean the grate and cook our steaks right on it, but they can be cooked on tin foil if that makes you feel more comfortable.  The corn and potates take about 45 minutes or so depending on how hot your coals are.

     Like a PP, we use the pie tins a good deal for pies and grilled cheese and you can even cook asparagus in them.  You just have to keep water in the tin and make sure it doesn't tip. 

     I'm definitely going to watch this thread, though!  There are a lot of great ideas!!!


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