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Postpartum Depression

PPD meds/bf??

I'm currently in my 1st trimester with my 3rd child. I got PPD with both of my previous children but was never put on meds. Last time was really hard for me to get through but I pushed because I really wanted to breast feed and was told by my OB I wouldn't be able to take PPD meds and bf. Does anyone know of any safe PPD meds that will allow you to breast feed???

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  • I took both Zoloft and Lexapro. My son was only a bit over 4 1/2 lbs and I was still told it would be safe. I BF until he was 14 months and was on meds almost the whole time. I consulted my OB, DS ped, and my psychiatrist. All agreed it would be safe, even given his prematurity and low birth weight. I'd maybe get a second opinion. GL!
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  • Zoloft is widely considered the safest for bfing. I would speak to your ob about medication options.


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  • Thanks ladies! This makes me feel a lot better!
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    I was on Lexapro and it was safe for BFing too.  Talk to you OB and try to come up with a plan to get on the meds as soon as you start feeling the least bit of PPD sneaking up on you.  GL

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  • I took zoloft with DS. I was on it from the time he was 4 weeks until he was 10 months and breastfed the entire time. I plan on having some on hand after this baby is born too. There is no way I want to feel like that again.
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