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Have any of you gotten a good explanation on what the post-transfer Lupron shot does?    I honestly don't think the nurses have a clue and I never get face time with an RE to find out. At my transfer yesterday Dr. R.C.  said they have gotten a 30% increase in pregnancy rates with patients who have taken the Lupron but we didn't get to discuss it further...it was right after my transfer and I really had to go and they were running way behind.  You get the idea.  Just a lot of confusion and it was obvious she didn't have time for me.

 I've been googling all day and I can't find one person who had success with it and very few posts about people using it.    I did find a blog from Dr. Sher who doesn't advise it.

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  • I was just told it can help with implantation but I don't know the science behind it. Sorry I am not much help!

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  • image Mrs.McIrish:
    I was just told it can help with implantation but I don't know the science behind it. Sorry I am not much help!

    Ditto this - I responded to you on the other board as well. Maybe put in a call back for more clarification?


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