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Riverwalk Shower Locations

I'm throwing a Jack & Jill brunch baby shower for my sister in November. I'm not from San Antonio and won't get to visit before the event. Any recommendations for approximately 50 people along the riverwalk? Preferably near the Drury Inn or Holiday Inn?

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  • check to see if the hotels have a room to use- I know some do hold parties in theirs, you would just need to ask around- wasn't sure if you wanted to stick to that or go to a restaurant or whatnot.
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  • The hotels do have rooms, but they're standard hotel meeting rooms with no windows. I'd hate to waste being on the riverwalk by sitting in a windowless room! I've tried contacting Boudro's and Pat O'Brien's. They both seem nice online, but I haven't received responses from either of their sales teams. So, it doesn't seem like either will be a good choice, since I'll be planning all of this remotely and will need a sales representative who communicates well!

    In short, I'm looking for an affordable venue that works well and has a view of the riverwalk. 

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  • There is a mexican food restaurant that is large enough to hold parties we've seen before sorry since there aren't many SA gals responding I don't always check this!

    The place is called Rosarios off of South Alamo

    Mi Terra is good but always busy it is a good place that holds parties as well too.

    Pat O'briens is a bar that is more brides to be than mom's to be.

    Views of the riverwalk- most restaurants may be able to, but may jack the cost up much more Casa Rio may be able to hold guests just depends how many you are going to have with you.

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  • My wedding reception was at O'Briens and we LOVED IT!!!  Very accommodating and a gorgeous venue...it was in the Briar's Suite. I would also check Guadalajara Grill (in La Villita marketplace). They did our rehearsal dinner and it was fabulous also!
  • @bch1223 can I have your email? I was thinking of having my wedding at pat o Brian's. I would like to ask you some questions.
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