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System Failure!

image mtlaurel:

Is it just me, or can you not reply to posts?

P.S. I realize that if I'm not the only one experiencing this problem, then you can't answer my question in the same thread! I was sort of testing whether I could post and edit.

Yep, can't reply to any and all posts.  Lame! 

P.S.  Bethany...big hugs pretty lady.  I am sorry you are having a tough day.

Countless BFN(s)
Moving to IVF

IVF1 (ICSI): Long Lupron
6R. 3F. 3DT. 8Cell 1Grade 2Embies. 1Frostie.
Beta 1/22: 14 Beta 1/24: 24 Beta 1/26: 28
Round One Result: Chemical Pregnancy

Pressing Forward

IVF2 (ICSI/AH/ACU): Microdose Lupron Flare
13R. 11F. 5DT. 2TFR'ed. 1Frostie.
Round Two Result 4/30: Harsh BFN

FET. 2TFR'ed.
Round Three Result 6/25: BFN
Where do we go from here?

Moving forward with CCRM in 2013
ODWU revealed blocked tube(s). Lap 2/15.
Bilateral Tubal Ligation. Stage IV Endo.
Finally some (tough) answers.

IVF3 (ICSI/CCS): Antagonist with EPP
13R. We have 3 CCS Normal Embryos!

Lupron Depot: May 2013 to August 2013
Long awaited FET on 9/3. 2TFR'ed.
BFP on FRER 5dp5dt: IN SHOCK!
Beta1 9/10: 152.7! Beta2 9/12: 378! Beta3 9/14: 1224! 

1st ultrasound 10/1: TWO beautiful heartbeats!  Overjoyed!

Re: System Failure!

  • They fixed it!

    Multiple ectopics, 2 failed IVF's
    IVF #1: Did not get to ET, embies all failed PGD (major chromosomal defects)
    IVF #2: We have 2 chromosomally perfect embies as a result of PGD (Boy/Girl) 1 failed the thaw (Girl) Transferred 1, yet ended as a c/p
    Thought it was the end of our TTC Journey 6/20/2012
    SHOCK BFP 9/28/2012: IT'S A BOY! and everything is normal !!!!!!

    Little A born 38w 2d on 05/23/13 and is a true miracle for this IF Vet!



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