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Ft. Polk vs Fort Bragg

So ladies, looks like we will be PCSing this year. DH was given the choice of Ft. Polk or Ft. Bragg. I vote Ft. Bragg b/c its close to both our families (MIL/SIL in NC and my family in Ohio) so with LO on the way visits will be easier. Ft. Polk would be nice too, because there are a lot of outdoor things to do. When DH was stationed there before he met me he really enjoyed it.

 Which would you have picked?

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Re: Ft. Polk vs Fort Bragg

  • I love Ft. Polk cuz im from La. But i hear Ft.Bragg is nicer. I would pick Ft.Polk if you like country life . Good luck
  • We're @ Bragg and like it.  I have never been to Polk, so I can't say which is better.  We have some friends from Polk and they liked it a lot. 
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  • We have been at Bragg for 3 years, I like it better then Polk....I don't love either really but would deff pick Bragg over Polk anyday!
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  • I'm at Bragg now and have been to Polk. There's nothing to do at Polk. Nothing.
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  • We just got to Polk about 3 weeks ago and if I had a choice I would pick Bragg hands down. But either way it will be an adventure. Good luck!
  • We're at Ft. Bliss right now, but were at Ft. Polk before. I loved it there! Never been to Bragg, but have heard great things about it.
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