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Postpartum Depression

Anyone with totally unsupportive H?

My H is completely unsupportive in every way. Sometimes I think if I had a partner that helped out with the kids and my feelings, thingis would be so different. When I can't sleep at night or when I get emotional he gets angry. He left me at home with both kids and went away to visit a friend for a long weekend. How am I going to get better when I never get a break??

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Re: Anyone with totally unsupportive H?

  • YES... a supportive H would make a huge difference!
  • I am sorry to hear that your H isn't supportive, I know that has to be tough. I don't think DH really got what I was going through until he saw me really breaking down and crying. I am on meds that finally started working a few weeks ago and I have talked to a therapist twice. It's very helpful. Have you just sat him down and told him you need help...whether it's from him and/or an outside source? I like therapy a lot. It really helps me understand things and put it into perspective. They are also good about helping you with getting through to people, giving you the right way to approach and wording. I hope things get better soon!

    Lillian April 17, 2012
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  • A supportive H makes a world of difference. Does he fully understand PPD? and that you have it? or do you just tell him you are down?

    Also have you specifically asked for the help and downtime?  I don't want to question you I just ask because I used to be SO mad at my DH that he didn't magically see that I needed help. I learned pretty quickly that he in fact was NOT a mind reader. Once we started talking and he really understood what was going on he is unreal. I couldn't do it without him! 

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