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Aug Baby turned July Baby Emergency CS Long

Well Baby Ella is here!! I was due on August 15th, we had scheduled a RCS for August 9th and I was praying for a Vbac before then. I had been seeing a chiropractor for a few months, accupunture, tons of sex, RRL tea, EPO. I have no clue if any efforts worked or not because I ended up having an emergency CS on July 31st!

On Tuesday morning I had a accupunture appt downtown at 9am, my husband decided to take the entire day off and watch DD #1 so I could rest because I was feeling off and had been having contractions and diarrhea all night on Monday. Not painful or increasing contractions but uncomfy and 4-5 an hour. After my accupunture appt my OB doctors office called to say I need to start taking iron pills asap, I told the nurse who called about my contractions and she wanted me to rest and start timing them and call back at 3:30 with an update. I told her I didnt think it was anything but okay. I called back and reported that there was no change and I was still contracting and still had diarrhea. She said to come to triage and get checked. I kinda tried to talk her out of having me come in but she insited so I left my DH and DD at home and said "dont worry I be back in an hour" and I'll make dinner then. My hospital is in downtown Seattle and usually a 45 min drive.

I got to triage and was the only patient. The nurse and I started talking while she admited me, we joked about the silly office nurse sending me in because we both could tell there was in no way I was in real labor. She hooked me up to an NST machine then she took my temp 101ish, hmmm, my heart rate was 130ish, what???, baby was 200ish, oh sh!t. I knew my dreams of a vbac were quickly slipping away. A doctor from my practice, who Ive met once, came in along with ~6 other people; fellows, an nurse to do my IV for fluids, my triage nurse, the trigae 'room' is about the size of a handicap bathroom stall. All those people being around me while I watched my DD heart rate bounce around in the 200's was making sweat and stress even more. My dr. said I think we need to have this baby today, they really needed to get her out and both our heart rates down. My heart sank, I weakly asked if a bag of IV fluids would lower our heart rate, thinking I may have been dehydrated because of all the diarrhea, and maybe I could avoid having the baby today. I knew the answer would be no but I gave it a shot. I asked how long did I have till they had to do the CS and explained that I needed to call my DH. She said they would wait as long as they could but of course babies and my health was number one. I agreeded and quickly called DH and said get here now Im have a CS call your aunt and our friend to watch DD#1 and leave the house asafp, dont pack anything, of course I didnt have a bag packed! Its a good 45 min drive not including waiting for a babysitter.

A million and one people were then quickly racing around me taking of my clothes having me sign paper work, explaining the spinal, etc. Im was still in shock and frozen and asked if I can make one more call. I called my sister in Texas and I started crying for the first time, i told her I was having an emergancy CS right then and to call our parents and let them know, our convo was only like 30 seconds but having to tell her and not being able to explain anything was very difficult.

I was walked to the OR and once I saw the room and felt the icy temp I started shaking uncontrollably and didnt/couldn't stop for hours. My anesthesiologist started my spinal and the entire time my dr is holding a monitor on my belly to track the babys heart rate, it all was so scary but it made me feel that they all really did care about my dd's and my health. Since my DH was still not there all I could do was so lay there and listen to them count the instruments and try to convince myself that this really wasn't happening. They waited as long as they could for my DH but had to start because they had no clue how long either of our hearts rate had been high for. The surgery felt like forever but the nurses, doctor and especially my anesthesiologist were very sweet and did everything they could to comfort me and attempt to distract me. My sweet baby Ella was born at 6:18pm she was 8lbs 2oz and 19.5 inches long. I loved seeing her and hearing her cry, but I was trying so hard to convince myself that I was not really there that I didnt even cry! And I cry at the pampers commercials. I just turned of my emotions and wasnt allowing myself to be upset or happy. They cleaned her up, told me she was perfect but she needed to be watched closer in the NICU because of her heart rate and my tempature. They let me kiss her and tell her I love her then took her up to the NICU. My DH arrived about 20 min later as they were finishing closing me up. He was teary eyed and so sad he missed his baby girls dramatic entrance into the world. He gave me kiss and said he was so sorry for not being there for me and Ella and for getting me sick, he had been sick the previous week. I said it over and now we have two beautiful girls and he should go up to the NICU and meet Ella.

Ella was in the NICU for about 7 hours while I was recovering in a labor room. And while I couldnt wait to get my hands on her I really 'enjoyed' being able to recover in a nice quite dark room and focus on feeling better and mentally asorbing the last few hours. My dr and all the OR staff came by my room when their shifts were over to check on me congratulate and me and my DH. My doctor said the cord was around her neck but loose and that she and the OR staff were amazed with how well I handled everything all while being alone, which made their job of caring for me and Ella a lot easier. I have a ton of regrets about my first birth and CS but none with this one, I know I did everything I could to make the vbac happen it just wasn't meant to be.

I want to wish all the August mama's good luck with their deliveries and congratulations on your new babies!!

I know this post is full of spelling, grammer, and past and present tense mistakes please cut me some slack it only took me 6 days to piece this together and I'm running on maybe 3 hours of sleep per day. And if I knew how to PIP there would be 100 plus picts.

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Re: Aug Baby turned July Baby Emergency CS Long

  • WOW!  What a story!  So glad that baby Ella is here safe. 
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  • I don't get teary eyed for many birth stories, but this one made me sad. I'm glad you are both okay, but I hate not being prepared for things, so that would make me scared. COngrats though.

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  • I'm so sorry you didn't get the vbac you wanted but I'm very glad to hear that both of you are doing well.
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