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Lower Bucks Hospital?

My husband has been offered a new job that would cause a change in our health insurance.  The OBGYN that I am seeing now is located at St. Mary's hospital - where I had always planned on delivering.  Luckily the practice would accept the new insurance but has advised that I will have to deliver at Lower Bucks Hospital instead.

I have never been to this hospital.  Has anyone delivered there before?  Would you recommend it?  And what are the facilities like?


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Re: Lower Bucks Hospital?

  • i delivered at lower bucks in april, i had a great experience ( besides the whole labor/ csection pain!) the nurses were wonderful, escpesially when 18hr later i was in need of an emergency c-sec. they gave me and my husband a few minutes alone after that news to let me cry and let it sink in. then after while recovering the nurses were all very sweet and helpful during my stay. anything i needed, pain meds, water, snacks, extra pillows, they were on it quickly!

    i sent my baby to the nursery at night, they brought her back to me every few hrs to feed her, they checked in during the night while she was with me to make sure i was ok with her and if i needed help with changing diapers when it was late and no one else was there. 

  • Thank you so much for replying!  I'm so happy to hear that you had a good experience, especially since I know that I will be delivering there now.  Do you know if my husband would be able to stay with me overnight?
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  • I had a scheduled c-section there in 2010 and had a good experience--I'll be there again in September.  The L&D rooms are pretty spacious and were renovated not that long ago...they also have a tub that you can labor in.  See if you can take a tour there...I did mine during the birthing class we took at the hospital.  The postpartum rooms were pretty small, but private and had their own shower/bathroom which was nice.  

    I had a good experience with the nurses as well.  The L&D nurses were great at helping me stay calm.  I was able to nurse my baby shortly after getting to the recovery room.  In the postpartem room, the nurses were great about answering questions...there was 1 who was a little abrupt, but for the most part they were all great.  My husband stayed with me the 3 nights I was in the hospital and slept on one of those convertable chairs to beds...he was really uncomfortable so you might want to have him bring a pillow & throw from home to make it a little more comfy. The baby stayed with me most of the time...later at night they would take him to the nursery to check vitals, but then he would come back to me.  You can also have the baby stay in the nursery for the night.

    Hope that helps a bit...good luck! 

  • Im actually thinking about delivering at St Mary's but Ive been there a couple times, and havent really been satisfied with the facility.  Have you ever had any complaints about that hospital?
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