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I was dx with PPD with my DS. I waited too long to get help and really hit rock bottom. I took Zoloft for a while and weaned off of it without any issues.

Fast forward to present day- I'm pregnant with twins. I'm not going to BF this time (a HUGE source of my PP stress with my son) and I feel like I have a better idea of what to expect/what the symptoms are.

My Dr suggested that I could go back on Zoloft before I have the twins to combat any possible PPD. Or he stated that I could wait and see. What do you'all think? What would be the side effects/implications of going on Zoloft preventatively?

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Re: STM and PPD

  • While I never had PPD, I did had a past history of depression and anxiety. Those commercials of antidepressants and pregnancies freak me out. If you feel fine now, I would wait until after they're born but start right away, regardless of how you are feeling.


  • This is my first but I have been having prenatal depression/anxiety (likely had it before but it was being treated by meds). My doctor also okayed going on Zoloft now or immediately after birth.

    I should have gone on it right but didn't realize what was going on. If you feel fine now, I would say wait but start right away.

    However, those types of meds can take 6 weeks to reach full effect. I am actually going to do placenta encapsulation as a way to prevent PPD. You can have it made it into pill form, which may be a way to stave off the PPD while waiting for the zoloft to kick in.

    Good luck! :-) 

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