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Potty Training

Just starting out, learning to listen to your body?

We are taking the slow and steady, no pressure approach to PTing... kind of have to with 2 3-month-olds in the house, haha.

DS shows all the signs of being ready to PT, even scored off the charts on a little quiz I took in the No Cry book.... but I don't think he is recognizing the feelings of having to go potty. So right now it's as if I've just traded in diapers for pull-ups, only difference is I make him sit on the potty when I change him, but it's after the fact so he doesn't go.

He shows no signs or tells before eliminating. I can ask him every half hour but the answer is going to be "no". I just don't think he's really aware of what his body is doing yet. So I'm curious, is there anything I can say/do to help him recognize the signs that it's time to go?


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Re: Just starting out, learning to listen to your body?

  • With DD I knew to start trying after she would tell me she peed or pooped and started waking up from naps or night dry.

    DH keeps asking her if she has to go and I just ask her to tell me when she has to go.  Today is day 5 and I'm 2/2 on pee and 1/1 on BMs in the potty.

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  • my lo only figured it out once i had her in undies and she had an accident or three. late in the first day she started grabbing herself before she went. on day two she started peeing on the potty if i coached her. 


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