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Hunger and nausea - it's a love/hate relationship

Anyone else experiencing the same or similiar issues? I feel sick, so I think I need to eat. Then I do, only to realize maybe I've eaten too much so I feel sick again... Or I wake up in the morning STARVING so I eat breakfast, only to feel sick from it... I seem to have morning and evening sickness and it's getting old... any suggestions? I didn't feel this way with my first pregnancy however, that was 15 years ago! 
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Re: Hunger and nausea - it's a love/hate relationship

  • I had "all day sickness" with both pregnancies, until about 25 weeks. Dehydration makes it way worse, so try and sip lemon water as much as you can. I also had good luck with soda b/c of the bubbles (you can have one/ day if it has caffiene). I used to leave a banana or some kind of snack on my nightstand to eat before I got out of bed in the morning, and that seemed to help. Ginger also works for a lot of people (ginger ale, hard candies etc). Try and eat a lot of smaller meals during the day instead of bigger ones less often. I had such a tough time eating while pregnant, I know how you feel :( For many women it only lasts thru the first trimester, so hopefully it will get better for you soon! Hugs, I know it sucks. 
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  • Sorry I hope you feel better soon! I was one of the lucky ones that didn't get all that sick with my daughter. But I know each pregnancy is different. Hope you get some relief soon
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  • I am going through the exact same thing!!! It is horrible, I am always hungry and always sick ugh. Hoping for a quick 1st trimester and that it will not continue into the 2nd trimester. Hope that you start feeling better soon!!!


  • So sorry!  I was sick for months.  I kept trail mix by the bed, and would eat a little before getting up.  That was huge in the mornings.  An empty stomach always triggered my nausea, and too much food was no good either.  I started just snacking all day and that helped.  I had a big container of goldfish crackers at work too - I swear I had hidden food stashes everywhere throughout my pregnancy :)
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  • Oh yeah... I know this feeling quite well!!! It's starting to get a little better now that I'm in my 9th week. My doctor also gave me some desolving nausea meds (BID I think it's called) which has been nice.  I just had to stick to a routine and remember I can't eat as much as I'm used to. If I do, I get REALLY sick.  6 small meals instead of 3 bigger ones has helped a lot.  Cereal in the morning for me.  I'm not much of a milk drinker but that with a decently nutritious cereal (I'm eating life, it's yummy so I can hold it down better) with some bananas for added potassium.  I also have to make sure I eat first thing when I wake up because the acid in my stomach makes me really sick.  Unfortunately, this means I'm waking up at 6am but it really is helping.  

     Hope you feel better soon!! I know it's miserable. 

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