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Meal plan for 8 month old?

I am sort of new here and I don't know what board this should go on. 

I have twin boys and they just started on solids about two months ago. I am still unsure of how their meal plan should be. I am afraid that they are not getting to nutrients that they need because they were premmies. Their doctor hasn't really directed me on how they should be eating and I am a first time mom so I have no clue.

Right now they eat 4 times a day. They get up at 7 in the morning and go to bed about 8. They eat 6 oz when they get up. Breakfast is 2 tbsp of cereal, 5 baby spoonfuls of veg, 5 baby spoonfuls of fruit, 1 spoonful of meat and a 4 oz bottle. Lunch is a mixed lunch type food from Gerber and 6 oz bottle. Dinner is the same as breakfast.

 Is the Gerber meal plan for a Sitter a good one to follow? I need a little help.  

(Also posted in 6-9 months) 

Re: Meal plan for 8 month old?

  • My son nurses 6-7x a day. 

    Breakfast 4oz bm mixed with oatmeal

    Lunch yogurt or fruit 3-4oz

    Dinner veggie mixed with protein (chicken or lentils) and fruit or yogurt depending on lunch.

     I give him a sippy cup of water that he occasionally drinks from but mostly pplays with. 


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  • Right now any solids should be in addition to BM/Formula and should not replace it.  DS nurses six times in a 24 hour period, and he gets three meals BLW in between.
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  • I forgot to add that they get formula since I am unable to nurse. 
  • The only plan at this point is to try my best to get in three BLW meals a day. Breakfast is an every day thing and normally so is dinner... for whatever reason with our nap schedule going crazy lunch seems to be the hardest.

    Like PP said, your LO should be getting the correct amount of formula a day (for most babies this is 26-32 oz, but since you have a premi you should check this amount with a doc). My LO gets 6 oz 5 times a day. For breakfast it's usually pancakes (nothing on them), fruit, or veggie. Lunch it can be a small bit of meat and a fruit and/or veggie. Dinner is pretty much the same. I try to feed him what I am eating as long as it's healthy. Don't be afraid to check with your doc though-- he knows what's best much more than anyone on the internet. If he's not willing to talk to you then get a new doc- this is what you pay them for!

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