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Hey, I just wanted to answer your question and not get lost in the thread below.  I love my K'tan.  I get comments on it a lot when I wear it out and about.  P is a big baby at five months (99th percentile) and I still hold him comfortably in it without hurting my back.  That is the question I get asked the most when I have him in it.  It does get hot in the heat though.  I haven't tried the mesh one to know if that is any cooler though.  I generally wear it indoors.  The thing is that it stretches after about two or three wears.  Which is fine with me because P likes to nom on it, so I would be washing it anyway.  I can put it on and take it off my by myself in a matter of about a minute now that I have it down.  P is so used to it that he looks for me to stick him in there sometimes.  I saw somewhere online where someone made a tutorial on how to make your own.  So if you can sew that might be an option for you that is less expensive.  HTH!
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  • thank for answering! did you find the sizing to be pretty accurate? It seemed like a lot of the reviews were complaining about it.
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  • Butting in - I super love my baby k'tan. I got it with ds2 and used it all the time until he was about 9 months old then I started using my ergo with him so I could back carry him. I'm now using it with ds3 and he loves it too. I wear him to the grocery store, restaurants etc. With ds2 I used it all over disney world for several different trips. It never hurts my back.

    The sizing for me was right on. I'm 5'1 and was a size 6 when I got it with ds2. I got a small. I do wash it every week b/c it will stretch out but I'd be washing once a week anyways since my babies spit up on it. It's been worth the $50 I spent on it. I got mine at precious cargo in smyrna.

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  • I used the size chart and it fits me fine.  I wear a medium t-shirt and got a medium k'tan.
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  • thanks ladies! I still have a few pounds to go before M will fit in it but I am more interested in them now that I've heard you all like it.
  • I wanted to but in and say I LOVE my K'tan. I wear a small and it's been true to size so follow their size chart. B LOVES it and it helps me get a lot done. You can get them at buy buy baby and use BBB coupons for 20% off. 
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  • Butting in-

    I am only doing the sling hold for millie.  Have you ladies done front facing/seated position with the k'tan?  How do you like it.  I haven't tried it yet.

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  • I've used the other holds and I am hoping to try the adventure hold )outward facing) next time I use it.  I never used the sling style hold because I was too worried about him being in there the wrong way.  I've even tried to put L in there in the hip hold.  She isn't used to it and it kind of weirded her out but it does work.
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  • okay sorry to beat this into the ground, but I did go ahead and buy the K'Tan Breeze. M is in there now but it feels a little loose with the shoulder straps. Is that because she's so small? She's under their weight recommendations but their site and instructions say it's okay to use for preemies. She's in the kangaroo hold and her head seems upright and she seems to be breathing fine - do you guys think that's okay? Anyway yeah the shoulder straps seem a little loose but it also hasn't been washed yet.

     I went ahead and ordered the next size down from Amazon and I figure I can return one, but I guess I'm not sure what it's really supposed to feel like. Is it pretty snug when you guys put it on?

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