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Questions about delivery

There was a post on Second Trimester about what they took home from the hospital after having their first child. I will be having my baby at the air force hospital here. For any of you who have had your babies at a military hospital, what was available for you to take home? Also how long were you in the hospital after delivery with your first child?

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Re: Questions about delivery

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    I wasn't given much after either delivery.  Whatever was left of the pack of diapers we were using, a couple single-serving cans of formula, some medical gauze pads and alcohol wipes for the cord stump, a bulb sucker, and a pacifier.  

    If memory serves (it's been five years) I stayed roughly 72 hours with my first, who was an uncomplicated vaginal delivery.   

  • I gave birth last year at an Army hospital and stayed for about 72 hours with an uncomplicated vaginal delivery.  Technically, I was discharged after 48 hours but DS was having trouble urinating, so they needed to monitor him an extra day.

    We took practically everything in the room home.  They had size 1 diapers in the room (which we had to get premie size) and the nurse gave us an extra package on top of the size 1 and PS. We also got a few shirts that snapped to the side to help on not rubbing his stump, tons of alcohol pads, Tucks pads for me (works wonders if you happen to tear) along with all of the hygiene items (squirt bottle, pads, etc), and 2 hats. We were also given 2 small containers of formula if we needed them. Needless to say, if it was in the room, the nurse told us to take it. 

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  • I had DD1 at Landstuhl in March of 2011.  We were disharched after about 48 hours (uncomplicated vaginal delivery).  I was given mesh undies, socks, tucks pads, some of those huge pads to use, and 2 ice packs.  For DD I was given a bulb nose sucker thing and like 2 diapers.  They were super stingy with diapers and wipes!
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  • I don't know how much my experience can help you since I gave birth at a hospital that is both a military and civilian hospital (The University of Nebraska and the AF Base we are at formed a partnership and opened a new hospital together down the road a ways from the old base hospital which is now only a clinic).  All of my doctors were military, but there was mix of military and civilian nurses that cared for me.  I don't know if the unique circumstances of the hospital being both military and civilian had anything to do with it, but I asked for extras of everything they had given me to use while at the hospital to take home, and they gave them to me.  I went home with several packages of diapers, enough of those hospital panties to last me two more weeks, a couple packs of wipes, and two canisters of tucks pads.  My suggestion, it never hurts to ask if you can have extras.

    I had a vaginal delivery with several complications.  My daughter was born early Friday morning and we were released Sunday evening.  Had everything gone as planned it would have been the standard 48 hours after delivery, but since there had been complications they gave us the rest of the day on Sunday for a little more RR before taking baby home. 

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  • We just toured where we'll have the baby (military hospital on another post).  They have you stay for 72 hours and then release you. The baby will stay in the room with us the entire time as they don't take them out anymore. She told us to take the nose sucker thing and the brush they use to bath the baby.
  • I was induced so I was at the hospital for 4 days....discharged 2 days after a vaginal birth. They let me take home all the diapers in the room, extra mesh panties and pads, a perri bottle, disposable floor mats...these came in handy cause I gushed blood for a couple days tmi I know...2 nb hats, a nuk paci, a brand new tube of Lansinoh nipple cream, 2 things of wipes, and an enfamil kit which had instant and powdered formula, coupons, and a fridge type bag with 2 ice packs. I gave the formula to a friend but the fridge bag w/ icepacks is a godsend! If I need to go out with DS and I bring a bottle of BM this bag keeps it cold for almost the whole day!
  • Lemme see if I can remember...I know we were given a bunch of diapers and a formula sample pack, some of the witch hazel pads and the cleansing squirt bottle.  DS also got a little hat.  That may have been about it...there may have been more, but I don't really remember.  And I was in the hospital for a little under 48 hours. 
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