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Christus Santa Rosa Downtown

Hi! I'm new to the board and to San Antonio. My husband and I just moved here from Austin, where I had an amazing OB. Now I'm struggling to find one here.

To complicate matters, if I deliver at a Christus Santa Rosa hospital, my husband's insurance cover 100% of our costs. Obviously this is an attractive idea. But Westover Hills is out of the question. I toured it and the staff was lovely and created a beautiful space, but I prefer to have access to a NICU and something closer to our home. You know, just in case.

Does anyone have experience delivering at the downtown location? I know they have a NICU and handle labor and delivery. With the Children's Hospital, it really seems like the best option for us.

Does anyone know a good OB that delivers there? I called the hospital directly and all they could tell me was that doctors, obviously, still deliver there but that most are moving out to Westover so I should call people directly. Any direction from you all would really help.


Thank you! 

Re: Christus Santa Rosa Downtown

  • Hi there,

    I don't have too much information on any good OBGYN's near downtown. However, I just started going to this one clinic downtown and I will be delivering at Christus Santa Rosa. It seems nice so far, everyone was very friendly. This is my first pregnancy and I've been nervous about everything and they were very welcoming.

    Hope it helps!



  • Thank you, Virginia! Any info helps. I will check them out. I too am in the same boat -- first baby, totally nervous (in a good way, of course). 

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  • I just saw on the news the other night that Christus Santa Rosa was becoming a children's hospital at the downtown location.


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  • I should update all of you ladies on the Christus  Santa Rosa downtown location.  As of August 1 all adult services at the downtown location cease to exist.  They will keep a labor and delivery dept at that campus, however it will be limited to those women with high risk pregnancies or high risk babies.


    Christus has 2 other locations in town- Medical center and westover hills, however westover is the only campus with a labor and delivery and as you stated they do not have a NICU but they do have a neonatal nurse practitioner.  If a baby was born with problems they would be immediately transported to the NICU at the downtown campus by the members of the neonatal transport team.

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  • Is it just me or isn't this a horrible idea? I just assume there is a really good reason for all of this that I simply don't understand.

    Looks like I'll be searching for a different hospital and OB. Thank you, guys! 

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