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Home Depot's daycare

Does anyone use the daycare at Home Depot corporate? Have you used it for infants? What do you think of it?  

We are expecting our first and since my husband works there, we are going to check it out.  The whole idea of daycare is terrifying to me. My mom was a SAHM and I always assumed I would do the same, but so far, we're not going to be able to make it work. So we need to look at options...that one would be the most convenient.


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Re: Home Depot's daycare

  • care99care99 member
    My DH works at the SSC, but we live too far away and he works too many hours to be able to use it.  However, he has several people on his team who have kids there.  So far, they love it.  I believe it is similiar to Georgia Pacific's program, which has gotten very good reviews.
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  • frlcbfrlcb member
    My husband has heard good things about it as well, and I think once he has been there a year (Sept) he can use it as a drop in kind of thing if we needed it, but I don't know if we ever will.
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  • DH's former colleagues there have only reported great things there!

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  • Thanks!! DH isn't used to planning so far in advance - but I keep telling him to get information and schedule a tour for us. I don't want to be stuck so far down on the wait list!
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  • Update - I haven't toured yet, but I called and they said the best thing to do is fill out an enrollment interest form to get our name on the waiting list.  Then, at least I'll be in the queue whether we decide to use it or not.  I sent in the form yesterday and will schedule a tour soon!  They said the infant/toddler wait list is about 3-6 months long - but wouldn't share any other specifics about it.
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