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I had PPD with DD1 and didn't realize it until 3 months after she was born. In anticipation of this happening again (since I also have a history of depression), I asked my doctor to put me on meds right after this birth.  He is suggesting Wellbutrin. It seems that the overwhelming majority of new moms (especially breastfeeding moms) are put on Zoloft.  Should I be concerned about nursing and being on Wellbutrin?  Dr says it is fine and he would recommend it to his wife if he had to.

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Re: Wellbutrin?

  • Well his wife doesn't hav ppd....I tried that and it made me so freaking antsy...I was worse on it after only a week. 

    After 5 days of Zoloft I felt significantly better. Zoloft has been amazing...for me. And I'm not nursing bc of milk allergies... 

  • I also had PPD with DD#1, and too didn't realize it...  I have never tried Wellbutrin, but I do know it contains a stimulant.  I have severe ADD, so for me, it would be a viable option...  However, you may feel like you are on crack if you don't as PP said!  I  have taken Zoloft (with a combo of Adderall for my ADD when not BF), and LOVED it!!  I would definitely go that route (Zoloft) if you plan to BF.  You don't want a newborn getting any sort of stimulant in their system, no matter how small the amount IMO.  GL!
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  • Welbutrin is a class C drug, which means it shouldn't be taken during pregnancy or BFing.  I would be wary if your DR puts you on it or switch to formula.  I have PPD and clinical depression and am on Pristiq so I can't BF.  But I knew I wasn't going to be able to BF from the get-go.
  • Is this Wellbutrin SR or XL? Pp's mentioned it being a stimulant type feeling. On XL I totally felt that way, like I had 12 cups of coffee and it would kick in my panic attacks. I stayed on it for nearly a year though. I tried SR after that and didn't find the same stimulant effect. I am back on SR. 

    Lillian April 17, 2012
  • First, I want to correct something on this thread.  Wellbutrin is not a stimulant.  Unless you want to call all antidepressants stimulants, since they are supposed to "stimulate" your mood, bring it up, etc...

    Most of the newer antidepressants work by increasing one of three neurotransmitters in your brain--serotonin, norepinephrine, or dopamine.  Most work on just seratonin.  Effexor works on both serotonin and norepinephrine.   Wellbutrin is the only one that works on dopamine.  Your chemical imbalance comes from having a deficiency in one or more of these neurotransmitters.

    So when you first start taking any of these, all of them will probably make you feel "up" and jittery for a week or more, as your body adjusts.  But if that feeling continues as other side effects go away, or if the jittery feeling is very bad, you are probably on the wrong antidepressant--meaning your med is increasing the wrong neurotransmitter in your brain.

    I'm a psych nurse who has dealt with depression and anxiety for years, and absolutely lost my mind during pregnancy and a few weeks after.  If I take Celexa, or Zoloft, or Lexapro, my anxiety goes through the roof.  Obviously I don't need an adjustment of my serotonin.  When I take Wellbutrin, my anxiety level lowers, my mood lifts, and my anger lessens.  Through trial and error, I found what works for me, but everyone is different.  

    Although I still struggle with my every day anxiety and depression, the overwhelming feelings I struggled with during pregnancy and after did lighten.  I just wanted to give you guys some hope...work on your treatment.  It will get better, and you deserve to feel happy.

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  • I forgot to add one thing.  I was one of those people who continued their antidepressant during pregnancy.  I would not be here right now if I didn't.  For me, and my family, the benefits of the medication outweighed any possible risks.
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