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Hand washing

Hi...we're just starting potty training and want to teach good hand washing habits. The problem is that even with his step-stool W can't reach the sink. I have to hold him, which makes it hard for me to help him get soap, rub his hands together, and rinse his hands off good since one of my hands is occupied holding him up.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a taller step stool or some other product that might make it easier for W to wash his hands?

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  • I boost DD up with my knee..in between her legs. Then I have both hands free to help. Her tummy is right up to the vanity. 
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  • I have a wooden stool form Ikea that works really well. DD is like 36-38" tall. It was like $5. Otherwise I do the boost with my knee and use my hands to help her.
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  • Hi - We have issues with that part of the routine. It's a long story, but we live in Europe and the sinks are all weird and I'm constantly afraid he's going to burn himself (we return to the U.S. in a couple months and will change things up then when we have normal faucets). Anyway... I just have him use a wet one antibacterial wipe after. It's part of the routine, so I still feel like he's getting the hygiene part of the whole deal. 
  • Love the Aqueduck. DS is pretty short. He can stand on a stool and this makes the water come more forward so he can reach it really well. I just have to squirt the soap in his hands. Which is really nice since I'm pregnant and it's getting harder to pick him up all the time.


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