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Weaning off Zoloft help

I don't have health insurance and unfortunately cannot afford to see a doctor about weaning off Zoloft. Anyone have experience and can help me out? I'm on a super low dosage of 50mg. Do I need to reduce my dosage or just go cold turkey? Any help would be great.

Re: Weaning off Zoloft help

  • You are supposed to wean....even at 50mg. That's what my therapist said.
  • Weaning is recommended. You might want to check the front of your phone book for county agenies that can guide you without going through the health insurance thing. GL...
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  • My doc said two weeks of 25 mg then two weeks of 25 mg every other day.
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  • During a lapse in insurance in my early 20s, I was getting either free or substantially subsidized (can't remember, it's been a long time) psych meds directly from the drug manufacturer. I remember filling out some financial paperwork and then mailing it in with my prescription. Definitely look into it.
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