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Grunting and Groaning

DS is the loudest sleeper I have ever met. He constantly grunts and groans throughout the night. Come to think of it he pretty much does it all day long as well.

Re: Grunting and Groaning

  • So does DD.  DH slept with us for the first time in a few weeks over the weekend and he couldn't understand how I could sleep through DD grunts & groans.  I've certainly learned to tell the difference between that and the real deal "mom I'm pissed" noises!
  • Honestly, I had NO idea that babies made much noise when they sleep, and I'm glad I'm not alone. We started out with DS in our room, but that lasted about a week until I couldn't get any sleep myself.
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  • I'm so glad that I'm not alone with this. My DS does this all day and night (he sounds like a billy goat sometimes). He started sleeping in his own room because I couldn't sleep through all the noise.  EVERYONE tells me that they have never heard a baby grunt/groan. They also tell me that their babies always slept great when my baby is a terrible sleeper. Ugh.
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