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Delivering at Forsyth Medical Center?

I have pre-registered for my delivery at FMC  and I just received a letter saying that I had to pay a deposit of over $2000 (supposedly my part after my insurance pays their part)before my due date to the hospital.  Is this even legal?  I'm pretty sure that there is a law saying that they cannot deny medical treatment to anyone that comes in there.


I checked on my insurance's website and they said that my out of pocket part was only $ 70 and I have supplemental insurance to pay for part of it, but they will not pay until after he arrives.

Has anyone else gotten a letter like this?  I feel like this is super sketchy.

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Re: Delivering at Forsyth Medical Center?

  • Hmm I work for Novant and while Im not sure of their billing policies myself that is a bit ridic.

    DS had surgery in 2010 and we were not asked to pay anything up front. We settled once the surgery was billed and I got what was left over.  

    If you have clarified with your insur co then I would just give their billing office a call to see why you got the bill in the first place. I wouldnt pay it. & yes they have to treat you when its time to deliver. 

    I would prob sit on it till after you come home. 

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  • I just opened the letter and I automatically got sick to my stomach....  I mean, who sends a letter saying that you have to pay 2 grand to a woman who is 35 weeks pregnant?  The whole thing seemed screwy to me.  DH is going to handle it on monday because my blood pressure went through the roof. 

    I called a few friends who have given birth there in the past year or so and they were like "what the hell"

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  • Don't worry about it.  Just ignore the letter and let everything run through your insurance.  They send out a bill for what they *think* you're going to have to pay, but obviously it's just a guess based off what little information they have.  OB's offices do this too. 

    They can't refuse to deliver you, so just go about your business and wait for everything to go through after the baby is born.  If you did pay it, they'd just have to refund you the difference.  It's not illegal, it's really not even sketchy.  It's just them trying to ensure they get paid.  I think it's pretty common anywhere anymore.

    FWIW, I did deliver there, twice.  With DS I didn't pre-register, and with DD I did it shortly before she was born so they hadn't gotten around to sending me a bill yet.


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  • It's good to see some Winston-Salem/Clemmons people on here!!!  We should get together!!!!!!!
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  • I never got a bill like that, but I did move to Winston like 5 weeks before my son was born. So, by the time I went to have I think my pre register info had just gone through. To give you a reference, I toured the hospital 2 days before I had my baby! It is a great hospital and I loved everyone who helped deliver my son and me recover.
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  • Kind of late to the party, but completely ignore it! Don't be surprised if they try to convince you to pay some random bill amount before leaving the hospital as well. It's cray cray. Just let them bill your insurance first.

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