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Anyone play music for the baby?

I just downloaded an album for my iPod, and I'm wondering what others are playing for their baby bellies? This one is "classical music for pregnant mothers to enhance a smart baby" and some of it is so upbeat I think I want to get one that's just lullaby songs. I've read that they can recognize the music after they're born as calming... worth a shot right!?

Re: Anyone play music for the baby?

  • I don't play music for the baby. Didn't with my last 2 kids either. I do play music for my kids, so the baby does hear the music.
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  • I bought a baby classical music CD. I kind of hate it because the music is too babied-down, but every time I play it, the baby starts moving like crazy, so I play it for him. I also bought the Baby Mozart lullabies CD, and I listen to classical on Pandora while I'm at work. I am not the biggest fan of classical, but it makes the baby move around a lot, so I know he hears it, so I try to play it for at least an hour a day.

     Lately, I've been playing him Jack Johnson, which is a lot easier for me to listen to ;)

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  • My baby gets to listen to whatever I listen to, but I don't do special baby music time.

    Classical music is great (actually I can't stand the Classic period, but I'm a fan of everything before and after that period), but it won't make your kid any smarter. My hate of babyfied classical music is right up there with obnoxious ring tones and Kenny G.

  • My father burned a few CD's for me to play to my baby (belly).  My favorite is a compilation of lullabies/ songs by Mae Robertson and Don Jacks.
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