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About Puffs...

How do you know when your DC is ready for puffs?  I don't know why, but I get so nervous about what foods I can and can't give DS...

Re: About Puffs...

  • I started giving DD puffs at about 6 months. I started giving her small pieces. so I would cut the puff into 3 parts, then slowly I just gave her bigger pieces and now she can do a whole puff w no problem.  She likes to chew on her food and wants semi solid stuff vs pured things.
  • Im nervous to try them, but I think its something DS might like. They dissolve rather quickly so I think he can handle them:-)
  • DD started at about 6.5 months.  She gagged on them at first, but then she got the hang of them.  Like pp, I broke them into smaller pieces and worked our way up to a whole one.  Now she eats them like crazy. 
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