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Does your baby still spit up a lot?

My daughter is almost six months and is still spitting up like a fountain. My doctor doesn't seem concerned, but I am. Well over an hour after she's eaten, she's still spitting up.

 Do any of your babies still spit up a lot at this point? She's taking cereal, which I thought would help...but it hasn't. She gets both breast milk and formula and spits up with both. Switching formula hasn't helped.

She doesn't seem in pain, so I don't think it's reflux. Any ideas on how to help her?

Re: Does your baby still spit up a lot?

  • Right around 6 months DD went from spitting up right after eating to spitting up about an hour after eating.  Just when we think it's safe to put her in the jumparoo, we are cleaning up a mess.  If she doesn't seem bothered and she's not underweight, she's probably fine and will outgrow it (for the most part) soon.  Good luck!
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  • Ds still spits up quite a bit. He was diagnosed with reflux at 6 weeks though. He's been off his meds since he was about 4 months. ( pedi said they were no long needed, he was gaining weight just fine, doesnt seem in pain)

     It can be hours after he eats and he'll still spit up. It seems to be worse if hes on his belly, or sitting up.

    I just keeps lots of bibs handy, we go through ALOT!

  • DD finally slowed down at 9 months but still has 1-2 incidents a week and she will be 11 months on the 8th
  • This sounds exactly like my son. Its almost an hour after I feed him also. My doctor said that babies are like milk bottles. If you tip them somethings going to come out. So as long as its not colored or they are not in obvious discomfort, its not a problem. She also said as with most things its more upsetting for us than them.
  • mine does this now too! only it's not a fountain.. it's just about 1/2 an oz that comes up after she burps. I burp her for at least 20 minutes. nothing.  then about 30-40 minutes later-- burp... spit up.
  • Does she have reflux?  Not all babies are in pain with reflux.  My DD has it and has been on meds since she was 2 weeks old.  She has never acted like she is in pain, she just throws up a lot.  She did this even with her meds until we got her onto table foods.  Cereals helped some but it was really the table foods that made the big difference.  When she throws up/spits up now, it is typically from her bottles.
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