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Introducing myself!

My last day of work is December 23rd, and I'm so excited to become a SAHM!  I am currently a teacher, and love my job, but my ultimate dream has always been to stay at home with my children.  DH and I are both very excited about this new phase in our lives.  Hopefully I love it as much as I think I will!  If you have any advice for someone who has never done it before, feel free to chime in!  Smile

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  • I also went from being a teacher to a SAHM.  I loved my job as well, but I love being home so much more.  I wish you all the best as you begin your new adventure! 

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  • if you need a break,  and there is family or a friend nearby to come help you,  take advantage of it.  you most likely will need one.  trust.

    if you have several errands/things to do in a week, space them out and do like one a day.  that way it gets you and baby out of the house for a little bit.  this is a big help! 

    look into finding a mom group to join ifyou don't know any in/around your neighborhood.

    GL!  it's wonderful and i'm not going to lie,  like any job it has it's days! but i wouldn't trade it for the world. :-)

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  • Welcome


  • Hi and welcome!!!  :)


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  • Welcome!

    I loved my job to but I always wanted to be a SAHM once I got married and had a family.

    Advice #1: Take one day at a time

    Advice #2: Join a Mom's group

    Advice #3: Be sure to take some time for yourself (Girl's Night Out, your favorite hobbies, spa day,etc.)

    Advice #4: Enjoy your child and your husband!

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  • It will take time to get use to the idea that you lost most adult interaction.. But i love being at home with my 16 month old and my second here in about a month.. I have two g/f 's that stay home also so when it is nice we go on a walk everyday in the morning.. one of my g/f's and i will try to meet with each other a couple days a week to get some time out of the house and let the boys play.. Also.. Join or find a mom's group.. We sometimes get together with all the kids or we just have a mom's night out.. It is well worth it.. Get use to people saying you do'nt do anything but eat bon bons and watch soaps cause for people that don't stay home think that is all we do :) GL and best of wishes..
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