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OB Recommendations--preferably female

I am currently expecting and we recently moved to New Braunfels.  I am looking for an OBGYN in North San Antonio or Med Center. Any recommendations, good or bad would be helpful!


Re: OB Recommendations--preferably female

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    I use Riverwalk OB and they are located in Stone oak area and deliver at North Central Baptist. I love the doctors there and specifically picked them b/c they are one of the only one's in town who would let me do a VBAC with my current pregnancy.
  • I use Dr. Villanueva on Sonterra.  He delivers at Stone Oak Methodist.  I never have a long wait in his office and he takes the time to answer all of my questions.  Alos I always see him not a pa.


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  • Hi! I use Dr. De Los Santos at Lonestar OB-GYN. Their practice is in the medical center, and she delivers at St. Lukes Hospital. I live out your way and thought about changing to someone much closer than the medical center, but I like her way too much.
  • Dr. Tiffany Satterfield with Seven Oaks Womens Center is wonderful!  She's in the Med Center and delivers at Methodist Hospital.  My friend also had Dr. Satterfield as her OB and loves her.  My mother sees another doctor in that group and raves about them.  Hope this helps.
  • Thanks Ladies, I will definitely look into all of them.  There are so many and it is hard to narrow them down!!
  • Seven Oaks Women's Center I'm using Dr. Gallagher-she's very nice and so is her nurse and like the lady stated they deliver at Methodist in the Med Center

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  • I recommend Dr. Neera Bhatia, I see her in the downtown office, but she has another office in the Stone Oak area. Very good doctor. She might come off a little too serious, but she genuinely cares about her patients. My mother has seen her for almost 30 years, she delivered all three of my siblings, and my daughter, and now will deliver my 2nd. :)





  • I saw Dr Jacobs with Lonestar Ob/gyn in the med center.   She really worked with me on having the birth I wanted ie not scheduling an induction with my last until 41 weeks 5 days.   I've heard really good things about the whole practice in general.   One thing to consider with Lonestar is that you doctor will deliver you during the weekdays but if you give birth on the weekend or at night you get who 's on call.   My last one was delivered by a male doctor, dr Williamson.  You only see your doctor during the pregnancy.  The Lonestar midwives are also great.

    Also consider if you really want to drive to the medical center during labor and what you would do in the event of a very fast labor.   My second was a super fast labor and the 30 minute car ride from my house to the hospital was torture .   If I were to have a third I would consider using a doctor that delivered closer to my home.  

    My doula really liked the doctors with Riverwalk.   She just had a couple deliver with them and had good things to say about them.   

  • I was not pleased with Lone Star OB at all.  They made me wait for almost 2 hours and then when I finally did see the doctor, she saw me for all of 5 minutes and was not very helpful in answering questions, even spoke down to me, which I didn't appreciate since I am in the medical profession.  They didn't even take any lab work and took my blood pressure while asking about my miscarriage. 

     So, I looked around long and hard for someone and finally found Dr. Wendy Askew.  She has later hours on Tuesdays which makes it very easy for me to get off of work at 5 and see her at 5:30.  Also, she works at an office in Stone Oak and in Downtown, so it is very convenient.  Not only did she spend the time answering my list of questions, but she included my husband in conversation, was extremely personable, and even got me in for an ultrasound at 5.5 weeks because I was nervous from my history of miscarriage and wanted to just see that the yolk and gestational sacs were there.  The office is very clean, and peaceful as they do not allow children.  I really can not be more pleased! 

  • Which Doula do you recommend (since you mentioned it)? Thanks for all the responses.
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    Seven Oaks Women's Center I'm using Dr. Gallagher-she's very nice and so is her nurse and like the lady stated they deliver at Methodist in the Med Center

     We've had a great experience at Seven Oaks Women's Center.  Dr. Gallagher is my OB also. <3 her.  :)

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