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Postpartum Depression

Not quite sure whats going on...

My LO is 7 months old...for the first few weeks things were a mess but seemed to even out once I figured out a routine, got back to work, etc.

 The last month or so I feel like I am fighting a loosing battle.  My son is great and so easy, thank goodness...generally a very happy baby.  Myself...I just feel like I cant get ahead no matter what...I feel overwhelmed, spastic, angry (oh so angry), like I can hardly keep my head above water.  My husband seems to drive me batty the second he gets home...I feel like I am loosing control of myself and my life.

I will say that I have felt twinges of this for some time and actually thought it was my mirena making me act so nutso (along with other things) I had it removed a month help.

 I have never gone thru anything like this before...I keep telling myself its just part of being a mom with a full time job, a farm, etc...that its just a part of life...but maybe its more than that?

 I really dont know what to do...I guess I should really go see my OB but I feel so silly telling him I feel so overwhelmed. 


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Re: Not quite sure whats going on...

  • It definitely doesn't hurt to talk to someone and find out if it's something more.  It took me a long time to realize that I was going through/had gone through PPD because I also thought it must be normal to feel overwhelmed and stressed as a mom.  I also had a lot of irritability, which was hurting my relationship with my husband.  Seeking help is always good when you're struggling.  Good luck!

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  • MrsSRMrsSR member
    It doesn't hurt to talk to someone-you could be experiencing anxiety.
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  • You sound alot like me.  Sounds like PPA.  I also blamed it on my Mirena, baby blues, going back to work and being stressed, etc.  I finally worked thru on my own, but wish I had gone to a psych and gotten meds looking back...  I finally got on Zoloft after my m/c last yr, and it was the best decision I ever made.  If felt normal again.  I realize now I was naive, but I had PPA, as I am prone to anxiety and stress.  I too, took it out on DH.  I am experiencing antepartum depression now, which is loads of fun Sad  I am going to see a phsychiatrist who specializes in this, b/c I cant' let it get ahead of me this time.  I am determined to beat it!!  I would recommend seeing someone.  The great thing is, you are aware of it, and want to change.  That is the first step.

    I will say, the one single thing that made my SO much better after DD was quitting breastfeeding.  I felt like a new woman, bye bye crazy hormones once I quit.  Not encouraging that, but it really worked for me.

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