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Erythromycin for DGE?

I know I've posted a handful of times about eating related issues, but we're still searching for answers and I really appreciate the feedback.

Has anyone's LO taken erythromycin for delayed gastric emptying? Did you see an improvement? DD is on Prevacid and Zantac for reflux and Elecare formula. Despite changes to the meds, she's still struggling A TON when she eats... Was also diagnosed as FTT. We see an OT for feeding therapy with the bottle, and the therapist agrees that there's something else going on in her tummy. Saw the GI today and he started erythromycin, as he thinks her feeding behaviors mimic DGE (really low volume intake, crazy back arching, even when eating solids, grunts and cries while eating, infrequent stools). We also have barium swallow study next week.

Thanks for any thoughts... My fingers are crossed that this works.

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Re: Erythromycin for DGE?

  • One of my guys is on low dose erythro for DGE.  It's helped him a lot.  

    Good luck this week. 

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  • beyogabeyoga member
    My son has severe DGE and the erythro didn't work and actually we haven't found anything that has.  We go in next week for a scope.  It's so hard to watch him be so sick all the time.  Good luck.
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