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Another Nanny Question

Does your nanny bring her own lunch?  If so, did you ask her to or did she just do it on her own?  For some reason this is such an uncomfortable question for me to ask our applicants...
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Re: Another Nanny Question

  • I watch 2 kids one day a week for a mom on our board and I always bring my own lunch. I don't think we ever talked about it. She always tells me eat whatever I want but I would feel funny eating their food. 


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  • I would assume I'd feed the nanny unless she had some dietary restrictions.  Food was always provided for me when I babysat/nannied [of course, I was a lot younger then and probably wouldn't have thought to bring my own food].

     When we had a nanny we provided snacks and would have done meals if she had to stay late through dinner time.

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  • Ours packs her own lunch and her sons lunch and brings them with her.  It is just easier that way. Plus, usually we don't prepare specific meals in advance for Lucy, the nanny is responsible for preparing healthy, well rounded meals for Lulu with what we have at the house.  Lucy eats leftovers or kid-friendly variety of foods a lot of days and I don't want the extra chore of shopping for yet another person.

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  • If I were working as a nanny, especially full-time, I would bring my own lunch. For something like babysitting on a Saturday night, I would plan to just eat with the kids. As a parent though I encourage whoever is taking care of the kids to help themselves to food, drinks, etc.
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