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ht, wt, and head circ

Just wanted to see how any other preemies compared at their 9 month check-up. Well visit (combined with sick visit- rash ALL over) made me feel so much better for develomental milestones, LO decided that he wanted to clap for the first time in front of the MD right after I said he isnt clapping. LOL. Anyway seems we need to work on understanding "no" and getting him to look at me when we say mama and then at DH for dada. Anyway, he's now 9.5 month and a little over 8 month adjusted age, he is 28 inches 25th percentile, 16lbs 8oz (just below 5th percentile) has been on 5th since birth, and head circumference 25th percentile. His head circ seems small to me, since I always though the head is usually so much larger. Anyone else have similar stats for their preemie around this age or know anything about head circumference  
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Re: ht, wt, and head circ

  • Mine is still only 12 weeks, 7 adjusted, but I agree about the head circ.  His head seems so large, or at least normal, compared to others but was around 25% at 2 months.  He's 7% height and stayed under 2% weight for the first month then started jumping lines.  He's now at 27% but the gain is really starting to slow.

    ETA: he had an appt this morning and is down to 20% weight.  He gained .5 oz but it isn't enough to keep him on the line.

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