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What are your grandmother's names?

I loved reading the grandfather list below! So, what are your grandmothers' and great grandmothers' names? These are the ones I know offhand... Mine: Rosamond, Jayne, Florence, Elmira. DH: Shirley, Vera

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Re: What are your grandmother's names?

  • Mine: Phylis, Astrid "Lynn", Caroline

    DH's: Eleanor, Audrey 

    I feel bad for not knowing more of our great-grandmother's names!

  • Marie Theresa and Laura Margaret are my grandmothers.

    Great grandmothers are Elizabeth, Jane, Theresa, and I don't know the 4th.

    DH's grandmothers are Betty (this is her given name) and Sarah Elinor, for whom my DD Elinor (Nora) was named.

    Our sweet girl is 3!

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  • Shirley Frances

    Bonnie Mae

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  • Iola (eye-ola) Emma and Mary Merceil

    Great grandmothers- Bonnie Bluebell and Clara Merceil

    DHs- Ethella and Sharon
    Great grandmothers- Florence and ?


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  • sagoonsagoon member
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    Florence and Barbara

    Great grandmas: Francis, Lois, Pearl, Mary

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  • Mary Katherine (Kay) and Vergie, though she went by Treva. Which isn't very pretty either.

    DH's are Rita and Agnes

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  • Hazel Elizabeth and Roberta Charlotte
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  • Grandmothers: Helga Anne Louise, and Ethel "Marie" I also feel bad for not knowing my great grandmothers' names :(

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  • Anne and Winnifred for the grandmothers

    Greatgrandmothers Clara and Susan

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  • Besolaw (or something like that) and went by Betty



  • Dorothy and Isobel
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  • Joy and Margaret, who went by her mn: Arlyne.
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  • Helen

    Magdalena (Lena)

  • Mine: Mariah, Lianne, Elizabeth, Denali   DH: Gertrude, Lorraine, Cecily, Sienna
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    Our little flirt was born September 18th, 2010!
    Our surprise was born March 1st, 2012!
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  • Anne Josephine and Jeanne... forget the middle name.
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  • Patricia, Irma, Geraldine, Frances, Louise

    DH's: Anabele, Marguerite

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  • poomanpooman member
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    Mine: Anna and Marion

    His: Flora and Catherine

     I love all four of those names. 

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  • Grandmother DH and I:  Shirley, Carol, Jo, and Linda

     grrat-grandmothers: ZELLA, nelly, Sylvia, and virginia (Ginny)

  • Mary and Shirley.
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    Anna (Annie)


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  • Mine:  Eleanor, Jean

    DH:  Doris, Florine

    Greats that I can remember:  Frances, Blanche, Jane, Goldie

  • Reyka9Reyka9 member
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    Gloria and Angelina.  I don't know my great-grandmothers' names.

    Angelina is going to flip out when she finds out that we won't be naming this baby after her... =( 

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  • Mine: Audrey & Beatrice (nn Buddie)

    DH: Rose

    They're all rising in popularity these days, which is so funny to me!


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  • Edith


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  • Cathrine and Giovanina

  • Mine: Elvira and Europa (but has always gone by Pearl). Great grandmothers whose names I know were Teresa and Christina.

    DH's: Ruth and Evelyn, not sure about his g-gmas.


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  • Mine-Julia Elise, Lois Marie

    my great aunts names were: Signe, Ester, Tilda

    Dh-Janet and Mildred

    his great aunt-Roma


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  • Pregnancy brain has kicked in and I can only think of one of my great grandmother's names which was Anne.  Grandmothers are/were Kathleen and Eleanor


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  • Jesse, Bertha, Doris, Patricia (Pat), Fran, Margaret
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  • Names of grandmas and great grandmas in my family/step family:

    Lorna, Carol, Ethel, Ruby, Shirley

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  • Mine: Ethel Florence, Elnora "Nory" Virginia

    DH's: Ellen and Madaline


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  • Grandmothers- Genevieve and Grace, DHs- Jane and Sabietha (unsure of spelling- pronounced suh-bye-thuh)

    I only know one of my great grandmas names and it was Stella.  

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  • My grandmothers: Frances Lorraine (switched her names around and has gone by Lorraine her entire Life), Donna Delores

    Can't think of the great grandmother names right now, but here are some of my grandmother's sisters names:

    Lorraine: Avis, Doris, Lillie Mae, Ruth, Evelyn (went by Evie), many more sisters with names I can't remember (two bothers, Tyler and Harry)

    Donna: Bertha (brother Joseph)

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  • My grandmothers are Joan and Mildred (Millie) and my step-grandmother was Vera. I only knew one great-grandparent, her name was Dorothy and went by Dot. I just recently found out another great grandmother was Pearl.
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  • TheWopTheWop member
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    Mine: Constance (Connie), Sandra

    Great Grandmother: Thelma

    DH's: Marina

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  • Shirley Mae, Marceil Gay - grandmothers Margarete (mar-gar-eet), Loretta, Elaine - great-grands
  • erb82erb82 member
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    My grandmothers: Barbara and Ethel

    Great-grandmothers: Laura, Marion, Mary, and Amy

    I like all the names except for Ethel, who was the only one I knew/was close to.  We used her middle name (Margaret) for our second daughter's middle name. 

  • Mine: Ruth and Laverne, stepgrandma - Dinah

    DH's: Martha, Mary Belle, stepgrandma -  Dolores, stepgrandma - Millicent


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  • Nellie Ellen, Nora Ellen, Letha Lucille (Lucy), Mary Ilia, Bonnie, Winnie
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  • Mine: Charlene, Doris, & Jean

    DH's: Louise, Dorothy (went by Duffy), & Shirley

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