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Does anyone have any ideas of different ways that we can celebrate our finalization day tomorrow?  We want to make it very special day!  Any thoughts?

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  • It may be too late... but you could hire a local photographer to journey w/you to the courthouse and take special pics to remember the day. 

    We didn't really make much of a fuss about our first finalization (second should happen next month).  We went out to brunch w/family and called it a day.  The day itself was hectic as the judge assigned to our case called in sick.  So we were bounced around to three different jury rooms.  We had spectators waiting for their own non-adoption court cases... they were actually super sweet.... they cheered for us even though the proceedings were in hushed voices/private they figured out what was going on. 

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  • just wanted to say Congrats & Have a wonderful day! Our celebration was planned on the spot (court not required) since we found out via email from our lawyer that our judged had signed- they had just gotten the paperwork (the actual date was a week prior) so we just did a celebratory dinner at home with a few gifts for DS and then organized a family night out at a play center and out to dinner a few weeks later. 
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  • Congratulations!

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