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WMs: Can I drop to 1 pump a day but 2 BF sessions on weekends?

Just curious if anyone has experience with dropping down to only one pumping session a day during the work day and being able to nurse 2 times during that same timespan while with LO on weekends.  I normally pump at work around 10 and 3... she takes bottles during these times or nurses when we are together.  I was thinking of dropping to 1 pump session at 12.  I have a very large freezer stash and would pump enough at 12 to cover two bottles so that part is not a concern.  My concern is wondering if my body will have enough milk for her when nursing since it will be an additional session from what I want to do during the week.


FWIW I plan to wean shortly after she turns 11 months and rely on my stash to get her to one year so this plan would only be for about a month and 1/2 or so. 

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Re: WMs: Can I drop to 1 pump a day but 2 BF sessions on weekends?

  • I work 3 days a week and only have the chance to pump one time while at work (8 hour shift).  I have not seen any drop in my supply from only pumping that one time.  But, like I said I only work 3 days a week and it is never 2 days in a row.  I also nurse totally on demand when we are together and sometimes it is 10x a day.  

    Sorry that I am not much help...maybe try it for a week and see how your supply does.  I think it will be fine since your supply is pretty well established at this point and you have a large freezer stash.    

  • I weaned from the pump at a year and I continue to nurse on demand at home. The milk is just there for her when she needs it, and I go 12+hrs without pumping at work. My body adjusted quite well.

    Your supply may take a hit though, so just watch your LO. If she seems dissatisfied or nurses more frequently, then you can always add back in the pumping session.

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  • drpaynedrpayne member
    I stopped pumping at 6 months and had no problem just nursing at night and on weekends.  My body seemed to figure it out.  I did go to DS's day care at lunch to nurse, though.
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  • thanks for the info ladies, I think I will try it out and see how it goes.  It's a nice thought to be reducing my pumping session again, can't wait for it to be over :)
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  • I've always only pumped once at work, around noon. DD takes bottles at daycare at about 10am, 1pm, and 4pm. I nurse on demand on the weekends and have never had a problem. I pump when I wake up and get enough for the other 2 bottles. Then I nurse her before I leave.

    ETA: I also planning on dropping the work pumping session completely at about 6 months, and letting my freezer stash carry that bottle through the rest of the year.


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