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Perfect baby shower time of day?


 I need your help. I am planning a baby shower for my niece and need to know the perfect time of day to have. She originally wanted her shower to start at noon but now says 1pm. I think that is too early and would rather have 3pm but 2pm would be do-able too. I think most people might like a later start time but I really don't know. What do you think?

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  • Oh, I should say that the shower is on a Saturday in July
  • My shower is at noon on a Sunday for brunch.  I think any time of day would work but the earlier the better. 
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  • There isn't going to be any "perfect" time that fits everyone.  I too would prefer earlier.  11 sounds perfect.  3 makes me cringe, to be honest!  If the shower goes longer than 2 hours (as it most likely will), it starts to impede on dinner/evening plans. 

    2 is the absolute latest I'd start a shower.

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    I would start sometime between 11 and 1 and serve brunch/lunch.
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    Personally I think 11 or 12 is perfect.  I'm not a fan of 2 or 3 because it is right in the middle of the day, and ends up taking up your entire day, rather than just part of it.
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  • It really depends on the type of shower you are giving her. I am having a co-ed shower at my house which will be outside and inside so we are starting later in the day to combat the mid-day heat (4pm) my best friend's shower started at 6pm. I will be more or a bbq party and not ladies sitting around drinking tea (nothing is wrong with that). if its going to be outside the later the better. It all depends on the type of shower. 

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  • I think noon is the perfect start time. The sun's at the top of the sky, people are getting hungry for lunch, it even has it's own special word that looks pretty on an invite: "noon." But if your niece is young and has friends that might like to sleep in, you could always push it to 1. I can't see why that would be too early for anyone. And like PPs said, it gives people the rest of their day to do as they choose.
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