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I was just curious if there were any Canadian parents out there adopting and wonder who you are using and how you started?
*** DS born February 21, 2013 - Toronto, Canada  ***

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  • I'm normally just a lurker, but I am Canadian.  DH and I are planning on starting the process to adopt from foster care sometime soon.  I have done some research on domestic infant adoption and international adoption, but we decided that adopting from foster care was the best option for us.

    I wish I could be more helpful but most of the agencies I have researched are Albertan agencies and likley wouldn't be much help to you.




  • I have nothing helpful to say b/c I live in the states now, but I can't resist saying hi to a fellow Canadian! I'm from the GTA, moved about 2 years ago.  I have a friend in Ontario who is adopting through the foster care system.  They started the process this fall and are just about done with their homestudy.  They have been looking at adopting children who are listed on "Adopt Ontario."  Might be worth looking into!  GL!

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  • We are just starting to look into adoption, but like the previous poster, we are Albertan so my research wouldn't really be very helpful to you.  I can't help you much either though because we are, like I said, just starting.

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  • Thanks for the responses!
    *** DS born February 21, 2013 - Toronto, Canada  ***
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