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Postpartum Depression

Med Question (Long)

I've read several posts on this board and have seen that many of you took Zoloft while pregnant. My fiance and I were not TTC but we just got a BFP a few days ago. I had been on Zoloft for about 6 weeks when my psychiatrist switched me to Prozac. I had been taking the Prozac for almost a month when I found out I was pregnant. I immediately asked my dad, who is a doctor, if I should stop the Prozac. He told me no, to continue it and discuss with my OB when I see him next week. However, my psychiatrist told me to absolutely stop taking it (cold turkey!) because there is new research that SSRIs can be teratogenic and cause chromosomal mutations. I could find no evidence or new research on my own and based on what my dad told me and stories of others I have read here using an SSRI is not bad and that most doctors recommend tapering off before the third trimester but that doing that isn't even totally necessary. 

Sorry to be so long winded and I am absolutely going to discuss this with my OB but I wanted to see if others here had any advice or a similar experience. This is my first pregnancy and my psychiatrist has me really freaked out! TIA! 

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Re: Med Question (Long)

  • Call your ob, they will discuss with you over the phone. You do not have to wait until your first app.
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  • If your psychiatrist, the one who prescribed the meds, tells you to stop, then stop. You've only been on the Prozac for four weeks, you likely do not have too much in your system and any withdrawal symptom would likely be mild and maybe slightly annoying. Keep in mind that no psych med is 100 percent safe to take but you have to weigh the advantages vs risks of being on them while pregnant. If you continue to be on meds, make sure you sign a release and have your psych and OB are in open communication.

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  • Congratulations on your baby!  Yeah!  I noticed that this question comes up a lot on this forum, so I actually put together a page of links that people can look at.  It is here :

    (I am seriously not spamming.  It just seemed silly to rewrite the same information all the time, so I mad e a little web page of stuff I was suggesting.) 

    The short version of all the research is that there is not enough research to conclusively say that there is a significant risk for fetal development when the mother is on antidepressants, but there is evidence to show that depression in mothers negatively affects their children in utero.  As for me, I was actually switched to Zoloft from Cymbalta because it seems to have the lowest risk factors of all the antidepressants. 

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    Thanks for the help and advice! I appreciate it. I stopped it when my psychiatrist told me too with no withdrawal symptoms which was nice. I am seeing both my OB and psychiatrist this coming week. 
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