Clicked on this board by accident, but I am adopted — The Bump

Clicked on this board by accident, but I am adopted

Hi. I was trying to click on the attachment parenting board, hit this instead  and read some beautiful posts. I don't know if many other adopted kids have posted, but wanted to say hi and that it is so awesome you are taking this hard journey. 

I never looked at this board because I almost never think/ even realize I am adopted. I have always known I was adopted. My parents never made a big deal of it. I personally never had the urge to look for the bio parents. My brother (also adopted) did for a short time. 

I love and adore my parents and feel so lucky that I was put up for adoption for whatever reason. I know it is so much more work to jump through all the hoops to be able to adopt. Good luck to you all.

Fyi, my mom was told she could never have kids, adopted me and my brother, then got pregnant and had my little sis at age 41. I hope you all get to be wonderful moms soon!

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Re: Clicked on this board by accident, but I am adopted

  • I was also adopted and like you never really thought about it much. I have "always" know that I was adopted and like you, never felt the need to search for my biological parents. I now feel as though I have come full circle by adopting my two beautiful boys!

    Mother of two wonderful boys! Blessed through adoption.

  • Ahh... thanks for posting.  You made my day!!

    While I don't see our family as any "different"... I am mom to two wonderful girls... My insecurities do seep in now and again and make me worry about the future and the adjustment of children that are adopted. 

    Post like this help me know that it's all good :) 
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    What a sweet post.  Hi and please feel free to participate on our boards at anytime.

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