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Dealing with discharge...

This is such an embarrassing thing to talk about but I am sure all the pregnant women is going through it. But like I feel so uncomfortable and don't know what to do besides wear a panty liner....any ideas???
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Re: Dealing with discharge...

  • That's all you can do, hang in there!  If you're concerned about the color/smell talk to your OB as it might be a sign of infection. 
  • And it says that it only gets worse....I believe everyday that a man could not handle pregnancy 
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  • Speaking of...I've been dealing with the same discharge issue and so I've been wearing panty liners everyday for the last week or so. Today I've woken up and I feel like my "inner labia" (dont know the technical term) is a little sore feeling. I dont know if thats nornal or if I got a yeat infection from wearing panty liners and having discharge. Sorry for the TMI.


    Thoughts anyone? 

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  • yep panty liner it is. And just make sure you're not getting an infection (which is very common).
  • I would definetly mention it on your next visit. There is medication for that if it is an infection. I had an infection and didn't even know it and I was in my 2nd trimester.
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  • yes panty liner...just make sure it is not a yeast infection
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