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Postpartum Depression

frustrated and concerned...

My LO is 2 weeks old, I have been having extreme panic attacks about every other day.  I cry ALOT on the bad days (every other day)  I had similar issues with my 1st child.  I will see my DR in a couple days for my incision check from my c-section, I already know he will not let me breastfeed and get on meds to help as he never let me do it last time.  I do not want to stop BFing He said it is not safe for you to BF and use those types of drugs.  I am very frustrated by this because from what I read and from talking to others this just must be his preference.  What should I do? 

Re: frustrated and concerned...

  • There are plenty of other mommas on here that are on meds and BF. Talk to you dr. and tell him what you want to do and why it's so important to you. You have options. Who knows, maybe with the HUGE push to BF lately, this perspective has changed. 

    Good luck... :) 

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  • At 2 weeks old I was a emotional mess.  I cried about every day til DD was about 3 weeks old and it started getting more under control.  You might just be experiencing the normal baby blues that most new moms get while your hormones are so messed up from pregnancy and delivery.  But should you decide to get help for something more serious, there are several meds that are safe to use while breastfeeding.  I BF and my dr put me on prozac, which isn't even the "safest" according to BFing experts.  Most would start with zoloft and that has been shown to be practically undetectable in nursing infants.  Telling you you can't nurse on depression meds seems like old school advice.  There are some you shouldn't use while BFing, but again, there are plenty you can take.  GL
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  • zoloft is completely safe to take. I was perscribed it a week ago but havent started it yet.
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