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Postpartum Depression

I don't know what this is...

Let me start out by saying. I have always been a very distant and emotionless person. When I gave birth to my baby I felt nothing for him, no love, no anger just oh there he is. I love my little man very much and I'm very patient with him I NEVER snap or cry or become overwhelmed. There is nothing he can do to upset me. Sometimes though, I find myself tired of him.  I wish he would go away for a while...if that makes any sense.

I know myself, I know I don't love easily...Im embarrassed to say, I don't even think I love my husband yet. He could leave me and I wouldn't bat an eyelash. I know I'm emotionally void. So with all this said, should I talk to a doctor about depression? I don't even know if this qualifies as depression, but I do love my son and I want to be a good mother to him...I'm just afraid he will be like me. 

Also I'de like to know if anyone else finds themselves in a similar situation. Thanks in advance. 


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Re: I don't know what this is...

  • Yes, you should talk to your doctor. At the very least she can assure you what you are feeling is normal. But perhaps you need to talk to a therapist, you question if you even love your husband? I would say that is not healthy. 
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  • I think its normal for mothers to feel sometimes like we just want some time out from being mothers, but you should try checking with a therapist... it not loving does not make you feel bad, then maybe its just the way you are.
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  • Regardless of the feelings (or lack thereof) for your baby I would definitely seek counseling. I'm confused why you would marry and reproduce with someone you don't love?? Your lack of emotion is concerning to me. 
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