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Hi everyone ~

 Do you know if my OB would give me an ultrasound at 7 weeks?  I can't wait for my appointment because I would love to hear a heartbeat (if there is one at this point), but I am not sure if it's too early.

 What do you think?


Re: Ultrasound?

  • You cannot hear the heartbeat at 7 weeks. You can always look into renting a doppler...they are like $40 a month or something like that 
  • The only reason I've had u/s that early was because I was having bleeding and was being monitored for a m/c.  Generally, most OBs do not do early transvaginal u/s as a standard practice.

     7 wks is too early to hear a hb even on a rental unit - you still have a few weeks to go.  Good luck and have a H&H 9 mos! 

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  • So I told my OBGYN I couldn't stand to wait for the 20 week US b/c I needed to know there was a baby in there. He said that was fine and I had one at about 8 weeks. He wrote me an order for one and said that my uteris was not measuring up to my missed period time.
  • You can see a HB at 7 weeks on an ultrasound. If it is causing you stress not to have one, I would talk to your OB, most of them are pretty reasonable.
  • My first U/S was at 6wks to confirm the pregnancy and then I had another at around 10 wks b/c I've miscarried years ago.  You can't hear the hb that early though.  It all depends on what your insurance will cover.
  • Just an FYI:

    I am an ultrasound tech (on here as I am TTC).  On an ultrasound we are able to see a gestational sac at an average of 5-5.5 weeks, A baby is seen about an average 5.5 weeks (I say average as everyone is different but it is pretty standard).  We can see heartbeat on baby around the same time.  We document, or count, the heart rate so we can see the beats per minute.  We usually routinely do not "listen" to it in the first trimester with the ultrasound machine, we get better information from the beats per minute, but the handheld small dopplers are commonly used by your doctors will use those to listen to your little one's heartbeat. 

    Ultrasounds in the first trimester are commonly done for a few reasons: for dating (if you or your doctors have any reason to doubt your LMP), if you are having any pain/bleeding or other health concerns, or if you have concerns about congential anomalies like down's syndrome.  US's have been recently found to be very good at detecting signs for DS, they have a test called a "nuchal transluceny" that looks at the baby's back of the neck and measures it.  We usually do that about 12 weeks.  You could ask for an ultrasound for that!. (:

    CONGRATS and good luck on the pregnancy!!

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  • Forgot to add...

    I mentioned the main 3 reasons they do first trimester US's (dating, bleeding/pain, and anomalies) is that many insurance companies will only pay for 1 US during your pregnancy (doesn't that suck!!??) without what the insurance companies will consider a "valid" reason/diagnosis.  With a "valid" diagnosis, they will usually pay for however many your physicians order (:  Just don't want you to have to pay for any out-of-pocket!

    Congrats again!

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  • I went to a different practice with my daughter, however, both practices did an ultrasound around 6-7 weeks for me to confirm dates.  As rhannan mentioned, they were able to see the heartbeat at that stage, which is probably why they waited until that time of gestation.  At my first OB, they didn't even try to listen to the HB...at the doc I see now, the tech turned on the audio to try to catch it.  We were able to hear it for a few seconds, but I had to hold my breath and be absolutely still!  haha!  I hope you're able to get an u/s and see your little on ASAP.

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