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Do you have a nickname for LO?

Like munchinkin or lovebug?

Just curious.


Re: Do you have a nickname for LO?

  • My DS's name is Beck and we often call him Beck-a-roni.  I have no idea where we came up with it but it has stuck.  Sometimes I also call him pumpkin butt because with his diaper his little butt is so round, just like a pumpkin.  Ha!
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  • I call her Squishy & Maddie-Moo (her name is Madeleine).  DH just calls her Maddie.
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  • LO names is Reid and DH calls him Reiddle Beetle.  
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  • janamgjanamg
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    My DD has many nick names, I call her my sweet baby and also my monster because she just started to growl. Her daddy calls her chuncky monkey, and her auntie calls her chunk a lunker. My SIL even has her 2year old calling her chunk a lunker. It's cute.

  • Tons!  Noey, Noey Girl, Munchkin, Little Lady, Sweetie Pie, Baby Girl, Pretty Girl....
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  • sagoonsagoon
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  • haha we have multiple. I call them both my mooshies, but Brynn we call monkey and Kendall we call Kenny for short and cookie. :)
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  • mkarnsmkarns
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    DS is Punky.

    It's Pumpkin turned to Punkin turned to Punky.

    My Colton...Growing up so fast!


    And Coralee, his baby sister...On the way!

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  • DS is punkin, peanut, mister, bouncy, fussyface...he gets called all kinds of names, much more than we use his real name.
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  • I have referred to DD as:

    Smalls (because she's on the smaller side) in I say, "Hi smalls, how are you today?"

    Toots McGee (because she is)

    Sunshine Girl; Babykins; Peanut; Poops McGee....I'm sure there are others too!

    Big Smile

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  • I call her "Miss" because she's my Little Miss :)
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  • Sadly she seems to get called "Baby" more than anything else, even her own name!     I also call her Baby-girl or Baby-doll.  Shrieky and Squeaky.  And Arie.


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  • grrl79grrl79
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    When she was first born, my DH would call her Angelface, Candyface, Angelcakes...

     Now we seem to call her Chubakins alot.  Her name is Charlotte and sometimes she gets called Char-Tot. 

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  • Sadly, DH calls DS "poo poo" (worst nickname ever).
  • She's our little stinker-do.
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  • I call her my shugey, baby girl, milk monster...

  • I've been calling DS Hunny Bunny from day 1. :). We also call him Little Man.
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  • Her name is Carys.. I call her care bear and her dad calls her sweet pea
  • DS 's name is Asher so we call him Ash man. DH calls him bud bud. I have tons for him.  Chunka monk, cheeks McGee, Ash...
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  • I feel like we add a new one weekly! Mostly its Rooster, Rooster-Roo or Roosie! Sometimes B-boy or Beckett Boloney


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  • MIL calls DS "Vancy-poo" (His name is Vance) but I don't really like it.. DH and I use "baby boy", "Bud", "Little man", or "Monster". My favorite is "Monkey" :D
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  • DD2 is Cora and we usually call her Cora Cakey.  When we found out we were have another baby DD1 wanted to name the baby Cake.  Of course we said no, but some how it worked its way in there.  We also call her Squinky and Dinky Doo.
  • DS gets called "Buddy" a lot -- to the point where I'm sure some people assume it's his name!

    DD gets called Sugar, Shoogs, Ruby Loo, Toots McGee, and Sister.


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  • Netty_3Netty_3
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    We call our LO Peanut.  He even recognizes it along with his real name.
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  • We call DD Peanut as well because she's so tiny. She responds to it more than her actual name (Rosemary).
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  • Pookie.  I have no idea where it came from.  I guess DD just looks like a Pookie.  Haha.

  • All things pumpkin, pumpkin,  pumpkin butt, pumpkin butter, punk-a-doodle, even called her pumpkin muffin a couple of times. She was born late October :)
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  • image PMFuentes10:
    Sadly, DH calls DS "poo poo" (worst nickname ever).
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  • image PMFuentes10:
    Sadly, DH calls DS "poo poo" (worst nickname ever).
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  • DD name is Mylin. I call her Chicken, Boobas, Shoogs, My Pie, Myley Bear, Shuga Buns
  • My best friend's son is Bryce and I call him either Bryce-A-Roni or Munchkin-head. 
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  • My little one isn't due until July, but the gender is going to be a surprise so we kinda needed a nickname so people didn't have to call him/her it all the time.  Right now we call him/her Smurf (like the cartoon).
  • Sweet Cakes - have no idea why
  • I swore that I wouldn't do nicknames, but first Cohen was "Punky", short for Pumpkin.  As he got older, his 2-year-old cousin started to call him "CoeCoe", and before I knew it, the whole family was calling him that! 

    I refuse to spell it CoCo--he is a boy, after all--and I know we'll need to stop at some point so he's not teased by peers, but for now, it's awfully cute...and it fits him!

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