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What are your boys into these days? DS1 is turning 4 and I need b day present suggestions. Thanks!
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Re: Moms of Boys

  • DS makes me play "repair shop" with him every day. If your son doesn't have tools, Black & Decker makes a great set. DS also loves boats/pirate ships, books, and games (UNO Moo, cards, Jenga).

  • He's basically a "real boy" now.  He likes superheroes, pirates, matchbox car tracks, sports, remote controlled cars, nerf guns (I'm not big into them, but a friend's boys have them and he drools over them), Legos, etc.  Basically, if it's in one of the boy aisles of the store, he's going to like it.  :-)  In fact, if Barbie was driving a car or a train, he'd probably like that too.
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  • DS has the most fun outside these days (mind you, we just finished a long snowy winter, so playing outside is kind of novel right now). He's also really into playdough, and cooking. We bought him a LeapPad for his 4th birthday and he LOVES it. We keep it put aside and he gets it for a bit of time each day, usually during quiet/nap time, so it stays fun and special. 
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  • super heros

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  • Legos, cars/trucks, balls, nerf guns, water guns 
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  • He's obsessed with superheros.
  • Superheros. He has a cape that is spiderman on one side and batman on the other and he LOVES it.  Pirates, trains, dinosaurs are all hits too.
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  • jssica2jssica2 member
    Hi I'm jessica i have a 3yr old he loves cars. trucks. tranes. puzzles. books. things like that.
  • My kids love their water table, and train sets (tons of trains and tracks). 
  • Super hero's, Leapster Explorer, water guns, remote control cars, soccer, board games and bikes.
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  • byrne15byrne15 member

    DS loves board games...regular uno & battleship as well.  It took him a few times to learn how to play, but he is good at it and the more kid-like games are a little boring to him (candy land, uno moo etc)

    He also really likes hotwheel cars and remote controlled toys

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  • DS love superheroes - lots of imaginext stuff.  He loves I Spy books, board games, and his stomp rockets.
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