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Bipolar Question

I'm not totally sure that this is where this question belongs, but I don't know where else it should be posted, so I'm sorry if it's irrelevant.

 I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder a little bit before becoming pregnant, and it's been a pretty smooth ride for most of my pregnancy - I think the hormones are carrying me. I'm getting pretty close to my due date, though, and I'm getting really nervous about how things will turn out once I have the baby. One thing that sets off my mania is lack of sleep. Does anyone here have trouble with this, and possibly have tips for how I can manage depression and/or mania with a baby? Because of a tight budget, I absolutely have to breastfeed, so medication isn't an option, and counseling is a last-resort if I'm going downhill. 

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Re: Bipolar Question

  • I also have bipolar disorder. I've had it since I was 16 but wasn't really diagnosed until after my son was born. The Dr.s kept going from one diagnosis to the next and trying to find the rights meds to work. Anyway I was on medication while pregnant (last trimester) because it became really bad to the point I wasn't taking care of myself. I too was worried about the sleep.  I would make connections with family and friends to help give you breaks. Maybe have them take turns so you can get some rest or even take a shower. Don't be afraid to ask for help. It's hard enough taking care of a newborn but even harder when you have bipolar. I breastfed as well and stayed on the same med that I was on while pregnant, and have had no problems. So medications are an option if you talk to your ob. I was hesitant about meds while pregnant and  breastfeeding but my OB told me you need to take care of yourself so you can be there to take care of your child. There are medications available. Also it helps to have a counselor before things become a last resort. They will be able to help you with ways to deal with what you will be going through after the baby is born. Sorry this is a long post. If you need to talk PM me
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  • I didn't know that there were some meds that were safe... that actually makes me a lot less hesitant to talk to a doctor about it. Thanks so much! I have a lot of family in town, and my dad is really helpful and supportive; I'll do my best to keep reaching out to him. DH is also really supportive, and good at keeping an eye on my moods.

    There's a counselling service through the school for a reasonable price, but I've had mixed experiences, since they're still working on their degrees. I probably could check in with them, though, if I'm having trouble.

     I really appreciate the responses... thank you so much for the good information =) 

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  • I thought the same way you did regarding meds, but after talking to my OB he did recommend a few that were safe and then recommended me to a psychiatrist who ultimately put me on one of those prescriptions. So definitely talk to your OB  about a referral for a psychiatrist in the area that's how I got referred to mine. Maybe meet up with one before you have your baby to kind of establish a relationship so if you need them after your LO is born you just have to call.

    I would even set up a schedule with your dad to maybe see when he's a available and when he can come over and help. This way when you leave the hospital you won't be too overwhelmed because you know you will be getting help. Again do not be afraid to ask for help! Hope everything goes well and take care of yourself : )

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