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Breastfeeding at work

Hi ladies,

 I was just curious if any of you breastfeed at work and if you don't/can't would you if it were an option? I only work three days a week (18s hours a week) and the company I work for has no problem with my husband bringing my daughter to me as many times as he needs to (should only be once) to feed her during my shift. There are obviously pros and cons to the arrangement. I go back to work on Tuesday and just wanted to see how others handle this situation. Thanks!

Re: Breastfeeding at work

  • I would try it. I think pumping is annoying and I haven't even gone back to work yet. 

  • I did, my situation sound different than yours. I work for a family business so DS came to work with me when he was young. Now I WFM most days now because he is too mobile to be at the office.
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  • I work 3 days a week, and one day a week he stays with a sitter that is on the same property as my work.  I go get him at lunch and he nurses then.  It is so much better than pumping. I work for a small business and for the most part I consider my co-workers friends.  It has worked out really well.  I don't have a problem NIP but I do take my LO in another room to nurse, mostly because he is easily distracted.  Of course, I still have to pump the other 2 days.  I am trying to stop pumping, but he still nurses SO much that it is painful for me to not pump since I work 10 hour days. BTW, he is 18 months now, so we have been doing this for quite a while. 
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  • My LO refuses a bottle, so my IL's or DH brought her to my work or picked me up to go home (work was 5 min away).  It worked o.k., but if she had taken a bottle, I would have much preferred that.  Sometimes, even though she was hungry, she was distracted and I was trying to force her to nurse so I could get back to work.
  • It worked well for me. Baby is more efficient than pumping for me, so I could've spent 20+ min pumping to get a small amount or 15 min nursing to get baby filled up (times once we had an efficient nurser). As long at the person providing the transport is willing to give up the driving time, why not? GL!
  • Thanks for the replies for those of you who have breastfed at work, were you required to clock out during that time?
  • I go back to work on Wednesday. DS is in a daycare next door to my work and I plan on BFing  him at lunch. I really wanted to do it 100% instead of pumping but I think it will be too difficult time wise. I have a very very flexible job (I would not have to clock out) but he doesn't eat on enough of a schedule and I did not want to have the daycare half to call me each time he was hungry.
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  • My DH brought LO to BF during my lunch break. I liked it, and it worked out well. I still had to pump 2x a day though, but would have loved to BF then too. If you can do it, I would totally go for it. 

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  • Wish I could have!  The act of breastfeeding is so much more efficient than the pump.  I had NICU babies, so they had to get my milk via pumping.  My milk never came in the way it should have....and when it did (sort of), I just couldn't get much with the pump.  As a result, I cannot just breastfeed.  I have to give them formula bottles.  So - go for it!  I love that you have that option!
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  • DD is in daycare where I work so I have breastfed at work since I started when she was 5 months old (she's 15 months now).  In the beginning I went down everytime she needed to eat - they were great about calling my cell phone or office phone.  Now that she is older she gets one sippy of breastmilk and I breastfeed her once.  It's worked out great.  I would advise investing in some nursing tops - they can be pricey but make it a lot easier.  If I'm not wearing a nursing top I typically wear a nursing tank.  GL
  • I did it when my first son was 4-6 months old, and loved it. I worked 9 hour days, and DH would bring him 1-2 times (I seriously can't remember!) during the day. It was really nice taking a break to see my baby and DH!
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  • I would have during lunch if I could have.  I work in an office and it wasn't/isn't SUPER pump friendly.  So, BFing would have been hard more than just during lunch, I think.  But, I was thinking about putting DS in a daycare close to my office so I could see him at lunch and BF instead of pump...but my commute is long and the thought of being stuck in traffic during a gross commute and the possibility of having a crying baby to top it all off made the decision to put him in DC close to our house easy! :) 
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  • imageJekadah:
    Thanks for the replies for those of you who have breastfed at work, were you required to clock out during that time?

    No, but I am FT/salaried so as long as my work gets done across 40+ hours, no one logs my time. I would expect it to work like however your company "bills" pumping time.

  • That would be awesome!  I would try it.
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  • I do not have that option, but really wish I did! Pumping has made life difficult to say the least! I have gotten 3 clogged ducts whole at work because after 30 minutes the pump still had not emptied me out. My supply has really been effected by pumping. I am constantly washing bottles (Dr. browns are such a pain). Fortunately, I am quitting my job in 3 weeks so I will not be using that pump 5 times a day anymore!!!! 

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