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Ergo and Newborn

I'm sure this has been asked a million times, but I'm new to babywearing and need a little guidance. I have an Ergo and the infant insert. Can I use this right away with my newborn? I don't have a ton of extra $ to spend a bunch of carriers, but if there is something that is better to use with a newborn, I will. If it matters, I'm on the plus side, size wise and want to be comfortable. Thanks for your help!!
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Re: Ergo and Newborn

  • Yup, you can. It comes with an instruction manual that shows how. You can also make your own moby for real cheap too. Find some cheap jersey and a pair of scissors. No sewing needed. You can find the instructions online. Between the moby and ergo I've never needed any other carrier.
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  • We used ours right away w/ the infant insert. At almost 10 weeks, it's still his favorite places to nap.
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  • You definitely can use the Ergo from the beginning, but I really think a Moby (or DIY stretchy wrap for cheaper...or a Moby from CL!) is awesome for the newborn stage.

    And actually, for the most part the Moby isn't great after 15-16 lb, but my 8 month old is already 23 lb, and he was sick last week with a bad cold an ear infection, and I pulled out the Moby for him then is so snuggly and comforting and he went right to sleep in our Moby. 

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