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Bad Form?

What say you, is it bad form to ask DSs preschhool teacher if they are available to babysit after hours?  I asked some family members who said to go for it...she declined politely.  I just thought since we dont know people in the area, and DS and her have a familiar relationship, at least to try to find out.  If it was bad form/b?d ediquette to have done so (I asked her when I picked up DS after school), should I apologize to her for putting her on the spot? or would you let it lie?  -smartphone entered post.
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Re: Bad Form?

  • I'd just let it go.  We have several of DD's teachers who babysit for us and I just asked one of the other ones who said she stopped babysitting because it got to be too much.  I wouldn't worry about it, though.  Have you tried sitter city if you need someone?  I've found 2 sitters that I *love* through there and they both met us before hand and gave us background checks and references.  
  • I probably would have posed it as: "Do you know anyone trustworthy who would be available to babysit after hours?" Giving her an opportunity to say she'll see if she knows anyone if she didn't want to say no outright.

    You asked, she said no, as long as you don't make it weird- I think it's ok.  

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  • I think it's fine and wouldn't worry about it.  Like pp said, I would just assume she has her own family to care for in her spare time or something else that keeps her busy.

    Have you tried asking the director?  I casually mentioned needing a babysitter while talking to our preschool director, and she whipped out a print-out of teachers who are willing to babysit after hours.  As long as it's not against their school policy, I bet she knows of a couple who would be willing.

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